Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Solstice Nails

Salut mes amis!!!

As you can tell by my pic, today's quickie post is a weekly update on my nails. After nearly 2 weeks of wearing the awesome Sally Hansen Kitty Kitty nail strips, I got a little tired of prints and wanted to go with a solid color on my nails (though I couldn't resist decorating my pinky nail). To celebrate SuMmEr, my favorite season, I went with a bright, neon coral-orange color because it reminds me of summer fun on the beach. The nail polish I'm wearing is Quirius nail lacquer in Sunshine Energy and I absolutely love it on short squared nails and tan skin. I mean, they can see me wavin' from a mile away :)))
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Excuse the palm tree, it's looking a little rough with the flash on it ;p
The thing about nail art is that not all designs actually work. Some look chic and creative, while others--sadly cheap and cliché. My pinky beach design is one of those tricky ones. Everybody loves palm trees and the beach, but we've seen this design so many times that it's almost lost its charm. I still like the design because it's personal to me, however, I wanted to keep it über subtle. So, before committing to a whole hand, I tried the pinky and decided it would be an overkill to do all my fingers. Besides, it would take away from the bright neon pop that I was going for. So, I settled for a cute pinky nail reminder to cheer me up when I'm stuck indoors, desperately awaiting my next day off :)))

As always, please tell me your thoughts on neon polish, nail art, cheesy designs and/or any questions that you may have :)


Maryam Maquillage

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