Sunday, July 17, 2011


Bonjour mes amis and happy Sunday!

Since summer is my favorite season and bronzing on the beach is one of my favorite summer activities, the next few posts will feature my favorite makeup looks perfect for that tan-errific skin. Do keep in mind that I'm a big advocate of sticking to moderation, so please be reasonable when tanning and do not overexpose yourself to the harmful sun rays, especially if you're fair skinned. Remember, a little vitamin D goes a long way and so does a lot of SPF :))) Now, on to the maquillage!

Gold-n-Glowing: yellow gold on the eyes, rose gold on the lips... who said metals can't be mix-n-matched?
Read more if you like what you see :))

On my eyes, I'm wearing: most eye shadows are from the Urban Decay Naked palette & Honey is from the Urban Decay Shadow Box... just go get yours if you haven't already :)))  

  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Honey (lid)
  • UD e/s in Buck (crease)
  • UD e/s in Naked (to blend out Buck)
  • UD e/s in Virgin (inner corner)
  • UD 24/7 eye liner in Whiskey 
  • UD e/s in Smog (over liner)

On my lips, I'm wearing:
  • NYX lipliner in Soft Brown
  • NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in Smokey Look
  • Maybelline Hi-shine lip color in Flesh Light (center)

On my face, I'm wearing:
  • Bare Minerals original foundation in Golden Medium mixed with Bare Minerals Warmth 
  • Nars highlighter/blush in Albatross (tops of cheekbones & down the nose)
Simple everyday maquillage to add a little glow to your sun-kissed skin :)
Another disclaimer about tanning: I tan extremely fast & dark, and when I do, the texture and condition of my skin improve dramatically. I read a study suggesting that some people who tan easily may even benefit from the sun and may need a certain dosage of sun-acquired vitamin D. Don't know how true it is, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject.


Maryam Maquillage


  1. Love this makeup, it's perfect for summer. Urban Decay eye shadow in Honey is sooo pretty!

    I love all your photos as always!

  2. you look extremely beautiful. Great makeup :) <3

  3. Very pretty! Gold looks great on you. :)

  4. your skin color is so pretty. i dont tan fast but when i do have a tan it's a really pretty golden olive color. I love that gold shadow on you with the winged liner!


  5. gorgeous as always! really beachy and summery. love it :)

  6. So pretty!!! I love theses colors!! And love that gloss!!! And super jealous of your gorgeous skin tone!!!

    XOXO, CC

  7. You look beautiful! And I tan fast really quick too and I actually agree that my skin seems to thrive when I get daily sun exposure. I used to go running everyday and noticed how much clearer, softer, and smoother my skin got... but unfortunately, I HATE being tan. I don't feel it suits me at all, though it looks good on you and many others.

  8. You're so lucky to be able to tan easily! I freaking got my dads skin tone and my sis got my mom's.. (half Mexican/half white) haha so I burn really easily, so in that case I have to wear fake tanner :/
    Love the golden eyeshadow :)

  9. you look so beautiful! you see, I can't ever do my eye makeup with using the black liquid eye liner, only because My eyes looks soooo plain and the worst part is that my lashes are so tiny. I want to try a makeup look that doesnt require too much liquid liner to make my eyes pop. Maybe you can do some makeup tutorial for those who dont want to over use eye shadows and liquid liners? :D

  10. -love love gold eyeshadow on you! gorgeous as usual!

  11. You look so lovely!!! I am Mexican, but really light skinned. being mexican means that I am prone to the sunsrays, so I do not tan or get sunburned at all!

  12. So pretty! Urban Decay's honey is the perfect gold shadow. I think the look is great with your tanned skin.

  13. Hiya darling look i know i say it all the time? but your soooooo beautiful i could eat a bowl of Maryam Maquillage for breakfast lunch and dinner and not in the bow cat sense anywho let me stop now! lol

    ur make up is stunning and the gold/tan suits you. :)

  14. This is a STUNNING look. It works so beautifully with your toning! 10s across the board!

  15. Great look, love the gold e/s on the eyes, gorgeous!

  16. gorgeous look! the gold really looks beautiful on your skintone!

  17. thank you beautiful ladies!!! oxoxoxox

  18. You look definately stunning!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  19. you reaaaaaaallly look so pretty in the last picturesss O_O

  20. hot look. love the lip color! N ud eyeshadows are my favvvv

  21. Hey darling, I awarded your blog:

  22. Flawless! I love the last picture, you look innocent, but with sex appeal. I love the look. You always look stunning girl. :)

  23. Gorgeous makeup, it looks perfect for the beach!

  24. u should definitely post the pic of u at the beach when u went to the black sea. when u are like not even tanned...more like "blackened" but in a good way...btw love ur lipgloss!


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