Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spring Breeze Pleez!

Salut mes amis!!!

If you're a New Yorker, there's only one thing on your mind right now: how to survive this record-breaking heat wave! I know I blab a lot about weather and the environment, but keep in mind; it is very relevant to beauty, fashion, makeup, etc. On days like today (dangerous heat index of 107° F / 41° C), I try to limit my outdoor exposure time and chill at home, under my AC. Unfortunately, today wasn't one of those days as I was forced to travel to class and back in the unbearable heat. As soon as I got home though, I cranked my air-conditioner and was inspired to remind myself of those breezy spring days I'm so longing for right now. Here's my little reminder :)
In other news, do check out my Purrfect Cat Eye guest post on Lilit's blog Makeup-and-Macaroons and follow her, if you haven't done so already. Beautiful Lilit is from the land down under and I'm so jealous b/c it's winter in Australia!!! :p

As always, read more for details :))

The nail polish: Mint Apple by Sinful Colors plus a random white and yellow for the ring finger flower detail. After 2 weeks of leopard print on my nails, I'm still into solids, though I appreciate a tasteful nail art suggestion :))

Shiny, frizzy, sweaty and probably a little smelly... reminding you to:

Go GREEN & save our mother earth!


Maryam Maquillage

P. P. S. Don't forget to check out my guest post on Makeup-and-Macaroons!!!

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