Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ni-hao mes amis!!

In today's post, I'm doing a review of two sets of lashes, sent to me by KKCenterHK. This company specializes in natural and synthetic lashes as well as wigs, nails, makeup and many more beauty related products. I received several pairs of upper and lower lashes and decided to come up with a cute / spunky look to suit these awesome falsies. Here's my colorful creation :)
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The first set includes 10 pairs of upper lashes and is item number A748 or Black Spiky Tail False Lashes. These lashes have a thick black band and need to be bent in order to fit the shape of the eye (typical for all thick banded falsies). The size of the lashes is quite standard, so they could be cut / customized to fit individual preferences. I really like the spiky feathered style of the lashes because it gives the eyes a very flirty look (see pix :). I would definitely purchase these lashes because they left me absolutely satisfied, plus the package goes for $12. 50, that's $1.25 per pair and you definitely can't find prices like that in the States :)

The second set includes 10 pairs of lower lashes (a product I don't come across very often) and is item number A188 or Black Lower Bottom Lashes Clear Band. These falsies sit on a flexible clear band that blends well into the skin and is super easy to apply. I always prefer clear banded false lashes because they tend to look more natural... well... as natural as falsies can look ::wink wink:: The style of these lower lashes is very distinct with sparsely distributed hairs / fibers, giving the illusion of doe eyes or doll eyes. In my opinion, these lashes are spectacular and I can't wait to wear them again. I would definitely purchase these with my own money because they are fun, flattering, easy to apply and very much affordable ($8.80--do the math :)


To balance out the heavy lash application, I went for a dreamy, airy and whimsical eye shadow look. My inspiration was the kaleidoscope effect, so to replicate the feel, I simply dotted on several cheerful shadows of varying finishes (matte, shimmery, satin). To play up my doe eyes even more, I lined the waterline with a white liner to make the whites pop. 
To finish off the eye look, I drew two tiny wings extending from the bands of the lashes
Going for that ::blink::blink:: Doll Look


Maryam Maquillage

Photo credits: Le Var
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