Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doll Up Anything

Salut les filles!!!

Hope this post finds you happy and healthy :) Today's maquillage du jour is my quick fix to a lazy makeup job and/or a bland outfit. Ya know, for those days when you overslept and threw on yesterday's clothes... or for the day you just didn't feel like stylin' yourself but had to drag your butt out the door to face the world :) Here's my remedy:
Read on for info, pix, raves, etc. ;)

You guessed it!!! Doll Pink lipgloss by NYX is my all time favorite easy FIX!!! 
Not only does it brighten, it also whitens the appearance of your teeth and takes you from womp womp to wow in seconds!!! Plus, the quality of NYX glosses is superb :))) Qualiffordable, I tell ya!!! P. S. My nails are on day 8 in this pic, check out Kitty Kitty Clawz if you're interested :D
As great as this lip gloss would look dressed up, I love it most when it's paired with a simple outfit, popping bright against a barely there canvas. Wear a little or a lot, this color looks amazing even when it wears off giving your pout a subtle pink wash of color. Here it is, "worn off" at the end of the day :)
Hope this was helpful, please let me know your thoughts about Doll Pink and your favorite ways to "Doll Up" easy :)))


Maryam Maquillage
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