Sunday, July 24, 2011


Salut mes amis and happy Sunday :))

Today's post is a throw-back makeup look I did a few weeks ago for a grungy outing in NYC's lower east side. Since I'm not much of a grunge girl (i. e. doc martens, band t-shirt, etc.) I usually stick true to my own style and add a bit of emphasis with my maquillage... but you knew that already. Grungy makeup is all about that "heroin chic" expressed by dark, sunken eyes, pale lips and a slightly greasy disheveled overall appearance. Here's my version (up close & personal w/ the eye) of a grungy / greasy smokey eye makeup look :))
Read on for info and pix of the rest of the face :))

The tools: I wanted to stay away from my NAKED palette just this once, so I used mainly MAC and NYX products to create this look.
LASHES: Ardell lash accents at the outer corner and loads of mascara to top and bottom lashes for an extra dark eye look :))) TIP: Curl the false lash strip before application for a more natural transition

The final makeup look minus the hair (it's still air drying)


Maryam Maquillage

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