Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Ready-to-Wear

Happy Hump-Wednesday mes amis :))

Once again I find myself desperately awaiting the week's end... My lack of longer posts and big, experimental makeup is mainly due to the fact that I'm painfully struggling with a densely packed schedule consisting of one nasty chemistry class (it's a requirement). Yes, this is my last class before I'm outta skool once and for all, so I'm giving it all I've got, though my all really isn't much when it comes to sciences. I've always been able to bs breeze my way through most subjects, earning a relatively easy A, but this aint that kind of a story. So, enough with the rant, it's all over after tomorrow and then I can finally exhale...

Now you know that the reason why I have so many "ready-to-wear" makeup looks is because I'm literally taking my pix moments before I'm out the door for chem! I promise I'll have more fun and exciting stuff like my Red Lash Special as soon as this school bs business is over. The great thing about ready-to-wear looks however, is that they only take a few minutes to complete and can be replicated by anyone--even makeup newbies. So voila, yet another easy makeup look for every day: perfect for school, work, play, whatevs :))
Read more for more pix & blah blah blah :)

In the above pic, you can see my natural, semi-dry, fresh out the shower hair--ready-to-wear. Yeah it looks frizzy, but I never have time to do my hair in the morning, so I usually just wash and go. Depending on the humidity outside, it settles either straight or slightly wavy. Personally, I really don't care much for hair products, maybe some occasional hair spray, if that... so I'm all about natural hair. I'm big into hair masks and I looove home remedies like avocado, olive oil, mayo, etc. So, I will gladly accept recipes of concoctions if you have any suggestions :))

My Maquillage: I've seen this eye combo many times before--on celebrities & beauty bloggers, amped up & played down, on big eyes & asian eyes. My verdict: brown and teal eyeliners work together in near-perfect chemistry :D and are great for a ready to wear look ;)

I particularly like the pop of color and the simplicity of this fun and wearable, daytime maquillage. 

My brown liner: Clinique cream liner in Black Honey--my new faaaavorite summer eye liner. I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it. The color is a shimmery warm brown that is very complementary to any eye color, but it's an absolute must-have for every brown-eyed chica out there :)

My teal liner: Bourjois Sparkling eyeliner in Lagon ensoleill√© (sunny lagoon). This is my top favorite teal / aqua pencil liner--it's bright, it's got glitter, it's got sparkle and I got it in Paris :)

The technique of the application is simple, just line the top and line the bottom, add some mascara and a highlight and you're done. Gloss up the lippies, brush the brows, powder the nose (actually before the rest of your makeup) and off you go!

Sometimes, when I'm running super duper late, I do my makeup on the go! Yes, I am that girl on the bus... and I'll be that girl until I'm an old lady :)) 

Q: How many of you apply your makeup in public transportation?

Q: If you only had time for one, which would you choose to do, your makeup or your hair?

Q: What's your "ready-to-wear" makeup look?


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. Fab look! I want some more coloured eyeliners now! I always apply my make up on the go mostly as im always rushing haha, And I would definatley choose to do my make up over my hair, my hair I always stay safe with so just keep it down or put it up, and my ready to wear make up look is adding a bright lip to a plain face, instantaly makes me feel ready for the day! xxx

  2. I, actually, learned a couple of useful tricks, watching people applying make up publicly ;)

  3. You look gorgeous! Love that teal liner :D

    I never do anything with my hair's usually just down or sometimes wavy but I hardly use any heated tools on it or styling products. And yay for hair masks! I love those guys too haha ;)

  4. gorgeous..absolutely your gloss..

  5. This, as simple as it is, is way more than my class/school makeup looks. I always choose extra sleep over looking pretty. It's a fatal flaw I regret once I walk past a mirror on my way out but I'm working on it. Especially since school starts in one month for me (after two years of being out). Oh god. What have I done???

    Long story short, I like yer face.

  6. The look you created is very simple yet beautiful. I never do my make up in a rush :). It takes me time but when there is an emergency, I opt for an eyeliner and lipstick. Never go out without them :D. Of course, I would let go of hair and prefer make up over it. And yes, I never apply make up in public. lol <3

  7. Did I ever tell you I LOVE LOVE your bone structure. Love your cheekbones. I am jealous!! :D

  8. I always need thick eyeliner else my eyes look so small. I can't pull this look off like you :(
    My work is flexible so it doesn't matter if I'm late :D but I'd choose makeup over hair.

  9. That is such a pretty gloss you have on!

  10. mama you are gorgeous no matter what look you rock!! this one is simple with just the right pop of colour :)

  11. I totally do ,y makeup on the bus to work. And I would choose makeup bc put it up in a ponytail and your good to go

  12. Maryam I LOVE your lipgloss! It's such a gorgeous shade! I actually took chemistry this summer as well. It's been a nightmare but my last day was this monday so I can finally kick back for a week before school starts up again haha Hope your summer semester went smoothly!

  13. very pretty! :) i don't care much about my hair too..especially when its hot who cares about how their hair looks like? haahaha i'd rather focus on my face..

    brown and teal eyes look awesome on you! very wearable and it adds a nice pop to a very neutral look :)

  14. love the pop of colour u added there!! s2

    me tooo!! i dont care about styling my hair! i used to when i was young cuz i had the driest/frizziest curliest hair ever soo I would straighten it everyday which causes more damage.. vicious cycle>< ekkk.. but nottt i stopped all that an my hair is much better that i dont have to do anything to it and still be able to go out to public HAHAHA..but yea i hate hair products as well i dont like how it feels and i dont like how that night ill HAVE to wash my hair =S i try to wash it every other day or every 3 days soo less products the best=] yay for al'naturale! =]

  15. this is really pretty :D my "ready to go" is a quick foundation application, fill in brows and put on a bright lipstick. that way I look like I put in effort but it's really quick

    Vonnie of

  16. Beautiful and super quick too! ;) I've heard about that Clinique liner but never really looked into it... I'll make sure to check it out next time I'm our Clinique counter!
    As for your hair... lucky girl! I wish mine looked like that out of the shower... if I don't set it in a braid or bun it'll frizz like no other. It sucks even more since I have it in layers... oh, wells. A girl can't have all the luck. ;)
    As for your Q's... I've never applied makeup on a bus or car, too dangerous for me. With my luck, I'd end up poking my eye. >_o
    I'd much rather focus on my makeup than hair. For school, I just usually throw it into a braid, bun or ponytail. XD But I promised myself not to be sloppy this semester... let's see how that works!
    My go-to makeup look is just mascara, a bit of liner (either black or bronze), blush and probably lipgloss. :D
    Whew... long comment.

  17. Your hair looks gorgeous! :) This combo makes your eyes pop lovely!

  18. I love this whole look babe~ Your hair and that pop of teal~ I love wearing Teal on my lower lash line~

    I hardly apply makeup on public transport - maybe only to reapply lipgloss =)

    I would definitely choose do my makeup haha

    Black gel/liquid eyeliner and apricot cheek blush would be my ready to wear makeup =)

  19. U look gorgeous !! If I had to choose one I'd say makeup for sure ! Hair can look done even when it's not these days xxx

  20. Whatever look you wear, you still look stunning!
    I am the type of girl that does makeup before hair, so makeup all the way!
    I wish you look with chem! I remember I was taking chem last year...ugh..3 hour labs and 5 hour post-labs were not fun...

  21. Natural yet fun! I love this look! You look so gorgeous and so Summer! LOVE YOUR FACE WOMAN.

  22. Ewww hate chemistry! Love this look though, i'm using it tomorrow :)
    thanks, mwah!!! xxx

  23. Fab look :D
    Following you now, please follow me back :)
    Patty M.

  24. Beautiful!! I love a pop of teal under the lashline :)

  25. Love your look, that hint of bright blue makes all the difference.
    Yes, I do my makeup on the bus. There is always traffic so why waste my time lol Hair or makeup - I don't know. Depends what would need it most lol
    ready-to-wear look - foundation and lip gloss. Yep, I am that easy!

  26. thanks for answering my questions my darlings!!! now I know I'm not the only crazy freak who puts on makeup in transport haha

  27. Super cute make-up and you look absolutely gorgeous! :)

  28. You look beautiful! I love everything about your make-up!

    We are hosting our first giveaway on FASHION IMPERATIVE and we would love you to take a part in it!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  29. Aww really? Thats great! I love the Erase Paste and mine is almost gone T_T

    Rly? Only 3 shades? That is cray!

  30. you always look so stunning! I love it <3
    so pretty and your hair looks sexy :D

  31. hey SWEETIE PIE... i think i forgot to mention what AMAZING features you have :)

    anyways i would love us to follow each other... what do you think????

    Label me ADDICT<3

  32. Have you tried a Banana and Wheatgerm Oil hair repair conditioner?

    p.s. Chemistry aint so bad! :))
    The Beauty Chemist

  33. Great look! It looks really sophisticated even though minimal makeup was used.
    I do not do my makeup on public transport. I don't go out without makeup! When I had long hair, I would always do my hair over my makeup as I could just ponytail it or let it fall where it may. Now that I have short hair, I HAVE to do both! I can't pick just one!

  34. I think your hair looks awesome! I personally agree with you, I don't like putting alot of products in my hair either! If I had a choice on makeup or hair, I would choose makeup:)


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