Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wild Wild Xmas!

Salut mes belles! Christmas is less than a week away and this year I'm taking a walk on the wild side! Today I'm using the traditional "gold and red" combo and revamping it with a bit of edge and a dose of glitter for all you non-traditionalists out there! This look is fierce, but simple enough for anyone to recreate. Let's get started!

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Wild Wild Nails!
At first glance, this red and gold number looks like a complicated nail art that took an hour to complete. In fact, this ferocious mani is one of the easiest and quickest nail designs out there and took under 10 minutes to apply, using real nail polish appliqués from Incoco. These gorgeous polish strips last up to 14 days, adhere like a dream and contain a base, color (or design) and top coat in each strip.

For this nail look, I'm using:
  • Incoco Ruby Shoes Tips from the current Holiday Collection. These sparkling ruby red glitter tips can be applied over the bare nail or any other Incoco polish strip. The set comes with 16 glitter tips and 2 sheets of double-ended clear strips to seal in the mani.
  • Incoco Cobra Couture from the Fall Collection (ring finger nail) -- this geometric shimmery snakeskin pattern is perfect against Ruby Shoes Tips or can be worn alone to give your fingertips a dose of animalistic edge!
  • Incoco Prima Donna from the Drama Queen Collection (pointer finger nail) is wild and dramatic as the name suggests. The glitter zebra print design is bold and bright, perfect for any party, especially New Years Eve.
Wild Wild Eyes!
Taking my design idea from Incoco nail polish appliqué in Prima Donna -- a gold glitter zebra design -- I created an "outlined" gold eyeliner look using my favorite liquid liners:

"Border-Liner" or "Outlined" Liner How-to:
  1. Prime the lash line with Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper and make sure to cover the corners
  2. Paint a thick line starting from the inner corner using Rhyme (Gold). Allow for the liner to dry, and line again if necessary.
  3. Using a black liner (Quill), paint a thin line staying close to the lashes. Wing out the line to outline the outer edge of the gold liner.
  4. Paint a thin black line above the gold liner to create a border. Fix any mistakes or unevenness using the gold liner. 
  5. Add a touch of gold glitter to the center of the gold liner and complete the look with spiky false lashes.

My Lashes: Red Cherry 100% human hair lashes #47 -- perfect for a simple eye look, these spiky lashes have a tapered shape to lift the outer corner and balance the eye. This style goes for under $2 at my favorite Red Cherry lashes supplier: HBwigs.com

Wild Wild Lips!
I'm using:

Holiday Ombré Red Lips How-To:
  1. Line your lips using a sharp red lip liner and fill in the lips.
  2. Using a lip brush, apply red lipstick all over the lips, blot, then reapply the lipstick and blot again. Your perfect red lip is complete!
  3. To take this red lip to an edgy ombré lip, use a warm dark brown lip liner to line and fill in the outer corners of the mouth. Blend the product inwards using a lip brush. Notice that this step makes the lips look plumper. This is a great tip for longer, thinner lips.
  4. Add fine loose glitter on top of the brown liner to give the ombré look a dose of holiday glam.

Be the Wildest Belle of the Ball!
 Happy Holidays!


Maryam Maquillage


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