Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Like A Present" Holiday Makeup

Bonjour mes amis! Continuing with this month's seasonal theme, today's holiday look is festive, flattering and ultra feminine. I wanted to create a sultry smokey eye that would look great on anyone, add a pop of color, and a bit of glitz; so Voila -- this is what I came up with! 

Read more for details & how-to!

The Look: Glamorous, yet wearable; Great for Christmas and New Years Eve
 Products Used:
EYES & EYEBROWS: (Eyebrow tutorial here)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills "Want You To Want Me" Palette & Kit -- a must-have for the holiday season, this decadent clutch-kit includes a removable palette complete with 9 velvety shadows and a dual-ended brush, plus Anastasia's signature clear brow gel and a jet-black liquid liner.
    • Jellies & Ziggy -- used on the lid
    • Iron On -- used on the outer corner and crease
    • Members Only -- used on the crease
    • Platform Wedge -- used for blending
    • Front Row Center -- used for highlighting
    • Black Liquid Liner in Jet
    • Clear Brow Gel 

Holiday Sultry Smokey Eye How-To:
  1. Prime the lids and allow a few seconds for the primer to dry.
  2. Using a charcoal gray smudgy eyeliner pencil (Steel), line the top and bottom lash lines and extend the outer wing. Starting from the outer point of the wing, outline the crease (or your eye socket if your crease is small like mine) using short strokes.
  3. Using a small flat shader brush, apply a shimmery pink shadow (Jellies) on the inner half of the lid and a sparkly lavender shadow (Ziggy) on the outer half. Blend the transitions.
  4. Using a small pointed detailing brush, outline the crease you drew with the pencil using a matte nude eyeshadow (Members Only) and then outline just the outer half of the crease using a sparkly dark purple shadow (Iron On). Also, outline the outer "v" portion of the lid. Blend out the harsh lines using a fluffy brush and a matte pale pink shadow (Platform Wedge).
  5. Highlight the high point under the brow and the inner corner using a shimmery nude pink shadow (Front Row Center).
  6. Add silver or teal glitter on top of the lid using a small eyeshadow brush.
  7. Line the waterline and the lower lash line using Steel (charcoal) pencil liner and smudge out the liner on the lower lash line using Iron On & Ziggy.
  8. Line the top lash line with a black liquid liner and apply the lashes.
Add a chunky braid and dangling earrings!
On my Lippies: I'm wearing Lime Crime's latest Carousel Gloss in Present and this one's my favorite for the holidays. Just look at all that shine!
 Smooches mes amis!

Merry Xmas <3

Maryam Maquillage


*The products in this post were provided by said company for my use and review. All opinions are my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. the lashes are just perfect for holiday make ups ... you look amazing!

  2. Love the Shade of the lipgloss but Im not a gloss fan, but it is an incredible great shade

  3. wow amazing those lashes are beautiful love the lip color your pictures are to die for!

  4. love the look especially the lip colour.

  5. ohhh Maryam perfect!!!!! that's awesome i love it!

  6. Gorgeous! The makeup is extremely neat and really suits you. The lip color is beautiful! The close up picture is unbelievable! :D

  7. love the lips, bright n beautiful :)

  8. GLAMOROUS! So festive. Loving it! <3

  9. gloss is amazing and whole look is perfect party end of the year make up! ^_^

  10. Gorgeous look and those lips look stunning!:D

  11. Gorgeous!!!! I am in love with your lashes!!


  12. Love the eye look. It suits you great. :)

  13. Love this look! Simply Gorgeous!

  14. This is really beautiful Maryam! You took the cut crease to a whole new level, your technique is amazing, wish you could teach me ^^ I guess I'll have to wait for the videos then hehe xx

  15. You never cease to take my breathe away! Merry Christmas my sweet Maryam!
    -Imani Love

  16. love the lippie!! your so pretyy girly
    merry xmas to you and yours

  17. Maryam, this makeup looks so magnificent and perfect for the holidays!! Hope you are having a blast and get lots o' presents!!
    Merry Christmas! <3

    Glam Mania

  18. Love the look and those lashes are amazing!


  19. Beauty!!

  20. Absolutely beautiful! I love the shape! x

  21. Just Perfect Absolutely Lovely !!!!

  22. I really want to try Lime Crime :) The lipsticks/glosses look amazing! xo

  23. I love that gorgeous carousel gloss!! The eyelashes are awesome as well, when I go out I sometimes like to use some silver liner right at my lashline over top of my usual black liner. It definitely makes the eyes stand out!


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