Thursday, March 21, 2013

Better Than False Lashes!

Salut mes belles! It's "Review ThuRsday", and today's feature is all about the lashes. In this post, I'm presenting the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System, showing you a before and after, plus a step-by-step to help you achieve your biggest lashes without the use of falsies. 

Voila! On y va!

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes System comes with an activating Mascara base / top coat that primes and seals the lashes and a Lash Builder that uses nylon fibers to sculpt and thicken the lashes. The final look can be achieved in 3 easy steps and takes little to no time to apply.
My natural lashes are pretty straight, sparse and short, so to prep them, I curled my top lashes with a lash curler.

  1. Prime: I used the activating mascara to create a base to adhere the nylon fibers. 
    • I'm generally not a big mascara wearer, so step 1 was enough of a result for me. My lashes were visibly longer and fuller.
  2. Build: I brushed on 2 coats of the Flexistretch nylon fibers to build length and volume.
    • The fibers adhered well, but felt fuzzy in areas close to the lash roots. This step could be irritating to the eyes, so it is best to avoid the roots and apply the product from the middle of the lashes to the tips. 
  3. Seal: I completed the application by sealing the fibers with the activating mascara top coat. 
    • I noticed that the mascara base had a moldable, sticky finish, so I used my fingers to push the lashes back to create a curve and preserve the curl of the lash.
    • Step 4 (optional): I used a clean spoolie to brush out the lashes to separate them.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Extension System:
Considering that my natural lashes are short, I'd say the result is pretty dramatic. There is a slight learning curve to this lash building system, and the application is a bit unusual -- however, with some practice, I feel like I could achieve even better results. I would totally wear Too Faced Better Than False Lashes mascara alone, even for a night out. My lashes have definitely been taken to a new height and I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative to falsies.

Have you tried Too Faced Better Than False Lashes?


Maryam Maquillage


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