Friday, March 29, 2013

"Pink Peacock" Fantasy Makeup!

Salut mes amis! It's Fantasy Friday again and today, I'm a little Peacocky :) I wanted to play around with my favorite color Pink and create a funky unwearable look to inspire myself and encourage all of you to get creative! Makeup isn't just about looking good, makeup artistry is also about fun and self-expression, so today I'm practicing just that! Yes, I have piled on the colors, put on a Gaga wig and even went a little asymmetrical for the occasion -- I'm just in that kinda mood today! 

Happy Friday y'all <3

One of my inspirations for today's look is Anastasia's Latest Hypercolor Collection, specifically the brow and lash tints (mascaras) in "Ultra-Violet", "In The Pink" and "Electric Blue". These babies aren't out yet, but will be soon, so keep checking Anastasia Beverly Hills website for updates. I love the fact that Anastasia's brand is classic, yet it features products in vibrant fantasy colors like the Hypercolor collection. This is something that I can personally relate to and admire so much! I wish more cosmetic companies would just go for it :))

*each mascara comes with a bonus mini Lash Genius clear waterproof topcoat. Geniale! -- as the French would say :)

My second inspiration was this hot pair of Red Cherry lashes from my friends at HB Wigs & Beauty Bar. I thought long and hard about how to implement these feathery lashes in a look, and then suddenly Pink Peacock was born!

Red Cherry Lashes #FPNK

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...and now, ze Maquillage du jour -- Voila!

Pink Peacock
For this look, I used:
The pink and electric blue mascaras are extra pigmented and bright -- what you see is what you get! Do you know how difficult it is to color thick, coarse, black eyebrows like mine? It usually takes several products, plus GLUE and the result is nowhere near as vibrant as this pink. I also love the fact that these tints don't dry out like regular mascaras, so the formula is very "user-friendly" :)) The purple shade doesn't come out as vibrant as the other two, but I think it's just me and my brows. I personally would use it on my lashes, instead of boring black mascara.
On my LIPS: the one and only Sweet Pea & Fay "J'adore Les Levres" artisan liquid lipstick in Yeti -- wait till I show you SP&F's new line!! OMGoodness!!

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P. S. No foundation was used in any of these photos and my freckles are out to play :)
Have a Happy Holiday Weekend!


Maryam Maquillage


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