Thursday, July 4, 2013

Americana Nail Art for the Fourth!

Hello my darlings & Happy Fourth of July!!! It feels like it's been a while since my last nail art post, so today's is special and celebratory. I'll make it a quickie for those of you in need of a last-minute patriotic mani -- this nail design is simple, to the point and can be completed in no time!

Read more for pictorial-tutorial!

American Flag Nail Art How-To:
  1. Apply your base coat and follow with one or two coats of red nail polish. Wait for the polish to dry.
  2. Apply striping tape to the nail of your choice. Cover your entire tip horizontally (you can use any tape for this), then use thinner strips of tape to create vertical lines. You may need to double up the striping tape to create thicker lines.
  3. Working with one nail at a time, paint one coat of white polish over the tape and peel all the striping tape off immediately.
  4. Paint the tip of the nail using navy blue polish, and follow with a top coat to even out the design.
  5. Add one or more rhinestone stars to the center of the blue nail tip.
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 Happy Fourth!!!


Maryam Maquillage


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  1. Way to pretty

  2. So far, the cutest, prettiest 4th of july mani I've seen. It's wearable, classy and fun. Loved it Maryam ♥ xx

  3. it looks so simple! but beautifull!

  4. lovely blog <3
    i like you blog!
    follow me? :)
    and I follow you back..

  5. So gorgeous + a great tutorial! Hope you had a great 4th July :)

  6. It looks really pretty!!

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