Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Midnight" Smokey Makeup

Salut mes amis!! Hope you're all happy, healthy and are enjoying your month of August! The last few weeks have been insanely busy for me, both personally and professionally. I've been working on several major projects, filming videos, meeting with companies, attending events and preparing blog content for all of you. On the personal side, I've been getting ready for a major trip to the Philippines and Thailand for my best friend's wedding, as well as a much-needed vacation! 

I'll be leaving today (I'm actually typing from the airport) and I'll be taking you along with me via my photos which I'll be posting on my social media channels. Of course, I'll also be working and updating my blog (though not as frequently) and Mr. Maquillage and I are even planning to visit some cosmetics labs and shoot a makeup VIDEO while we're out there (wish us luck!). This is going to be an amazing trip, so the next time you hear from me will be from the Philippines :)) 

Today's look is my final farewell, so-to-speak, so I wanted to end it with a bang aka with some lights, glitter and celebration!!

Read more for details & how-to!

Products Used: Tarte
For today's Smokey Glitter Look, I used mostly Tarte Cosmetics (above) and a few other additional products:

Products Used (Eyes / Brows):
Glitter Smokey Eye How-To:
  1. Apply Tarte's Slate cream shadow as primer all over the lid and past the crease. Blend out the edge with your finger.
  2. Using the matte gray eyeshadow (labeled 1) on a pointed crease brush, apply the shade all over the crease and blend out towards the brow bone by mixing with the pale gray shade (labeled 3).
  3. Add a bit of warmth and shimmer directly underneath the brow by mixing in a bit of the shimmery peach shadow (labeled 4). 
  4. Using a flat brush, apply the matte navy shade (labeled 2) to the outer and inner thirds of the movable lid keeping the center clean.
  5. Line the bottom lash line and center of the lid using the Amazonite Blue waterproof pencil and blend out the edges with the sponge end. Seal the liner with icy blue or silver glitter. Highlight the inner corner with a pale shimmery shade (labeled 5).
  6. Line the top lash line with a black liquid liner and line the waterline with a waterproof black pencil.
  7. Add mascara and falsies to complete the look.
a different angle
a shift in focus
 My face is airbrushed using Beletto Studio airbrush system (review to come!)

Next time you'll hear from me will be from the Philippines!!!

Smooches my darlings!!

Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


  1. Wow Maryam. Just wow. You look radiant! <3 I don't know what it is but you just look more beautiful than usual! Really love those gorgeous lashes, colors are very pretty & I love the sparkles! <3

  2. wow, perfect, beautiful, I am speechless. I love the look and I really like your hair in the pictures

  3. потрясающе красиво!!

  4. this is marvelous!

  5. this is so gorgeous! i haven't stopped by in a while :( i know i'm bad.. but wow! your blog has grown!! congrats on all the success! <3

  6. u make the prettiest FOTDS! :) i wish i was in the philippines so i could meet u there! :( have a great vacation! :)

  7. Maryam your looks at always so fantastic! You're always glowing & not to mention so inspiring when it comes to your makeup looks! :) you're amazing!

    xoxo, charlene

  8. This is gorgeous I love how defined and wearable this look is. Great look.

  9. Goregous as always! Love how all your looks are so unique.


  10. WOW, this is so BEAUTIFUL! You look so flawless! I love this look and your hair is like super model AMAZING! :D

  11. Stunning look! Enjoy your holiday gorgeous!

  12. just perfect meak up!!!

  13. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    Please take a look at my blog..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  14. Hi Maryam

    This is an amazingly fascinating stunning gorgeous look ! I was away from blogging for quite a while.I plan to resume soon. Trust you are well & fine and continuing to drive yourself passionately !

    Regards Ram

  15. Maryam - You are such a beauty! You are glowing and this look is gorgeous on you. Consider me a new follower!

    Nicola Kate Makeup


  16. I love your eye make-up. That perfect and so beautiful.

  17. very nice blog :)


  18. Beautyful makeup! I love this! Kisses

    --> <--

  19. Wow!!! You look so gorgeous! I super love your eye makeup and lippie. You def did the right choice. Love the combination of colors that made it look so classy and perfect. Love it!

  20. hi Ms. Maryam this is gorgeous! and something I'd really like to see in a video plzz :)


  22. perfect!! :d

  23. Wow awesome makeup. I like yours eye makeup very much. It's look cool and attractive.


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