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Jason Wu for Lancome: Four Looks & Tutorials

Hi guys! Remember my Tutorial-Tuesday series that I've skipped over for the last couple of weeks? Well, today's post will hopefully make up for it and give you some makeup and nail art ideas for the rest of the week. I've created FOUR fashion-forward tutorials including nail art using the latest Jason Wu for Lancome Collection. This collection is a hot commodity right about now and is sold exclusively at Nordstrom. I'm kind of excited to share this big bundle -- let me know which look and/or palette is your fave! x

On to the Maquillage!

As you can see, these babies are well-loved :)
  • Excuse My Beauty (mint green / coral / taupe combo)
  • Violet Streak (purple / icy blue / gold combo)
  • Night Vision (vibrant blue / champagne / silver combo)

Jason Wu for Lancôme 'Vernis in Love' Fade Resistant Nail Polish (Nordstrom Exclusive)

  • Madame Tulipe (wine red)
  • Rose Boudoir (pink violet)
  • Lovered (blood red)

You guys know how much I love me some Lancome shadow palettes -- they are rich, luxurious, well-pigmented and consistent. Lancome colorists are masters at what they do and their color compilations are always chic, sophisticated and classic. Leave it to Jason Wu to revamp the whole thang and spin these classics in a way that's fashion-forward, inspiring and modern. The shadows in these palettes aren't your every day nudes and smokes, these are some bold, unique and refreshing combos for the rebel girls. Botton line: I had a blast creating these looks and I hope to see you try them!

Look #1: Excuse My Beauty
Excuse My Beauty Palette features 5 dreamy shades reminiscent of sandy shorelines and summer cocktails. With shades like sea foam green and coral, this is the perfect palette for blue-eyed beauties. To accent my brownies, I went for an exotic cat eye in teal with a burst of sunny coral in the center.
  1. Prime the lids, then use brush #16 and the taupe shade to "carve out" your crease, creating a wave shape. 
  2. Using the smudger #24 brush and the darkest shade, outline the outer "v" and the outer crease. Blend out everything using the angle shadow brush #13.
  3. With the flat side of the dual ended #18 brush, pat on the sea foam green shadow to the outer and inner thirds of the lid. Using the tip of the brush, outline the inner corner with the same color.
  4. Clean off the same brush and apply the golden coral shade to the center of the lid. Blend the edges with the green. Apply the lightest shade to your brow bone.
  5. Rim the entire waterline using Black Fishnets gel liner on the liner end of brush #18 and line both lash lines, connecting them at the inner and outer corners. Extend the outer wing.
  6. Apply your false lashes and/or mascara.

Look #2: Night Vision
Night Vision Palette is a compilation of cool hues and moody blues. This is a great palette for any eye color, especially brown. I chose this fashion-forward dramatic cut-crease look that also features a double liner technique. I love using the cut-crease to enlarge Asian eyes or eyes with smaller lids -- it's great trick and is very fresh and current. 
  1. Prime the lids and dust on the lightest shadow in the palette over the entire lid area. I like to use brush #23 because it really packs on the shadow.
  2. Using Gris Noir Kohl eyeliner, line the top and bottom lash lines connecting them at the corners. Next, outline your eye socket and create a wave shape a few mm's above your natural crease.
  3. Using the smudger #24 brush smudge the crease liner using small circular motions and short upward strokes. If you want, add a bit of the dark blue eyeshadow to deepen the crease.
  4. With the flat side of the dual ended #18 brush, apply the champagne shadow to the space between the lash and crease liners. Apply the silver shadow in the space between the tail ends of the liners. Reapply your liner if necessary.
  5. Dip the liner end of brush #18 into the vibrant blue shadow and pack it on to the kohl liner around the lash lines. Because kohl liners are slightly sticky, any eyeshadow will adhere well and pop against the dark base.
  6. Apply your false lashes and/or mascara.

Look #3: Violet Streak
Violet Streak Palette is my favorite from the Jason Wu collection. I just love the combination of icy blue, yellow gold and violet -- this combo is so sensual and romantic. With this look, I'm channeling colorful iridescence, accented with a sharp modern liner and feather soft lashes. This color palette is very versatile and would pop against any eye color. 
  1. Prime the lids and apply the shimmery yellow shade to the inner corner and inner half of the lid using the flat side of the dual ended #18 brush.
  2. Clean off the same brush and apply the icy blue shade to the rest of the lid, blending the transition. You may want to wet the brush for this shade and paint on the mixture.
  3. Using brush #16, apply the violet purple shade to the outer corner and lower lash line. Extend the outer portion in a cat eye style.
  4. Using the smudger #24 brush as a detailing brush, apply the darkest shadow to the outer v and past the outer outer crease. Sharpen and darken the outer third of the lower lash line. Use the angle shadow brush #13 to blend out the transitions and apply the lightest shade right above the crease to soften the harsh edge.
  5. Apply Black Fishnets gel liner to the waterline and lower lash line. Seal the lash liner with the violet purple shadow. Using Artliner 24H in Noir, line the top lash line and extend the outer wing. Create a second wing in the natural fold of your crease, starting from the outer corner and dragging it inwards. This is a fun and exotic way to wear eyeliner and really helps to enlarge the eyes.
  6. Apply false lashes and/or mascara.

Look #4: Nail Art
For this look, I decided to combine all three nail polishes and came up with this modern French nail design. I call it "Vampy Geometric French" :)

Jason Wu for Lancôme 'Vernis in Love' Fade Resistant Nail Polish (Nordstrom Exclusive)

  • Lovered (blood red)
  • Rose Boudoir (pink violet)
  • Madame Tulipe (wine red)
  1. Apply your base coat or clear polish. Optional: Apply a nude polish if your nails are stained. TIP: to get stain-free nails, brush them with whitening toothpaste.
  2. Using Lovered polish, paint a diagonal stripe starting from the mid-point of the side of your nail bed passing through the center of the tip.
  3. Repeat the previous step on the other side using Rose Boudoir polish.
  4. Paint a horizontal stripe across your nail tip with Madame Tulipe polish. This style looks best on squared nails.
  5. Allow the polishes to dry thoroughly -- reds take longer to dry than other colors and can smudge easily. Finish the manicure with a top coat.

EYES: "Excuse My Beauty"
Earrings: Eye of Horus "Ra"
Which Look is Your FAVE?


Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

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  1. The 2nd look is my favorite but I love all the looks. You're so talented and creative! x

  2. In love with all the creations! Amazing!

  3. Hi Maryam
    I love your looks. But I love your ear rings even more :)
    Have a great day. Ram

    1. MM: See my latest. Have posted my newly born grand daughters pics. Have a great week end. Ram

  4. Wow Maryam, that last photo of you is dazzling! Really like all these new looks especially the green one, it's so pretty and I love the imitation bottom lashes! <3 <3

  5. I love first look. It is amazing. Also I love the nail art. Thanks for tutorial.

  6. I am in love with the eyeshadow, the problem I always have is finding a good brush to smudge and blend the eyeshadow.

    Would love it if you checked out my blog or even followed me, I follow back!

  7. I only use Lancome. I always buy the makeup kit at Christmas. I don't celebrate Christmas but I can celebrate Lancome. I love my bedroom eyes. I am single an I pretend to be dating or married. One day I will find Mr. Right with my bedroom eyes.

    Francois Sagat ( France & LA )


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