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Review & Swatches: Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses

Hello darlings!! The weekend is here and I'm super excited to present you with a Special "MM" review that's taken me almost two weeks to prepare and put together. If you're a lover of lip glosses like I am, I'm sure this isn't the first time you're reading the name Gerard Cosmetics and have seen these highly pigmented glosses pop out on your Instagram feed and in your fave YouTube tutorials. These babies have been seen on the lips of so many famous mua's, bloggers and influencers as of late, that I just had to dive in to the glossy goodness and swatch the entire line. 

Today, I'm showcasing all 24 swatches, including a breakdown of every shade, along with personal faves and recommendations for different skin tones. Of course, I couldn't present all this without a HEFTY DISCOUNT CODE just for you guys, and I'm extremely excited to feature Gerard Cosmetics in my most thorough review yet. My lips are still throbbing, but I took one for the team lol... and I really hope you enjoy!! 

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Gerard Cosmetics "Color Your Smile" lip gloss collection was originally born to compliment its sister line Whitening Lightning (a teeth whitening products line), with the purpose of helping your smile look even more bright and perfect when wearing its special "lighted glosses". The line has since expanded and there are currently 24 lip gloss shades in the collection, as well as 6 brand new lipstick additions, plus a signature Highlighter / BB cream and brow palettes (expect more reviews and looks!). 

Price: $24 each 

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Features: Each gloss comes in a "lighted" tube with a mirror that lets out a blue light once opened, making it easy to fix your lips in a dimly lit environment. It's the perfect resident for your clutch -- I carry at least 3 different shades in all of my evening bags for that very reason!

Texture: Lip gloss technology has come a long way since the 90's and Gerard Cosmetics is a prime example of how far they've come. These babies are ultra rich, pigmented and smooth, without being one bit sticky, gooey or patchy. All the shades appear as they look in the tube, and while a few shades purposely offer a more traditional semi-sheer coverage, most shades are so potent, you can practically call them liquid lipsticks. 

Wear: 3-4 hours for neutral shades. Brighter colors require a touch-up after 2-3 hours, depending on eating or drinking. Wear is prolonged if lip gloss is worn over lip liner (recommended). 

Scent: none

Editor's Note: All lip glosses were swatched on my lips (medium pinkish) against my med-tan skin tone (warm, yellow undertones). Shades will vary slightly depending on individual lip color, skin tone and complexion.

Nudes, Neutrals & Corals
The Nudes are my favorite category for its functionality, versatility and for being the quintessential counterpart to a fierce smokey eye. I love pairing a warm nude lip with a cool blue eye makeup or a classic gunmetal smokey. Corals are a bit brighter and more playful than nudes and work well with warm eye shadows like gold and bronze, and I love them as a pairing for colorful turquoise liners. Neutral glosses are great for any occasion or makeup and I prefer them for balancing dramatic eye looks.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Nude (top left): warm nude with a coral-peach tint. This shade will enhance all skin tones, but is especially great on olive and tan complexions. This nude looks almost coral against my skin and makes my teeth look super white. Definitely an MM fave!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Crystal (top right): semi-sheer peach sparkle. Wear it alone or over any lipstick for a touch of delicate sparkle. The tiny, undetectable to the touch, iridescent particles in this gloss make the lips appear plumper, hence Crystal is another MM fave!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Coral Craze (bottom left): so luscious, it reminds of peaches and cream! From the color to the texture, this gloss is rich, buttery, and glides on perfectly smooth. I love this shade in the summer time over a fresh tan!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Salmon (bottom right): super on-trend, vibrant salmon with a hint of orange. This shade is incredibly flattering on most complexions and gives the illusion of flawless skin (a great perk of orange undertones). This gloss has the effect of stained glass and is too gorgeous not to be on my MM fave's list!
Wearing "Crystal" gloss
Wearing "Cocoa Bean"

Reds, Berries and Jewel-Tones
The 'reds' is a classic category that every woman should be familiar with. There is a perfect shade of red for everyone out there and Gerard glosses offer a rich selection of the most beautiful reds. My favorite way to wear red is by pairing it with a sleek, modern cat eye or subtle makeup. The wow-factor should be concentrated on the lips, however, pairing it with a dramatic smokey eye isn't unheard of, so try both!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Summer Sun (top left): super gorgeous orange with a hint of subtle sparkle. Vibrant and pigmented, this bright shade is great for the summer or fall and adds a brilliant pop of color and enhances any complexion. MM fave!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Candy Apple (top right): the name says it all, this candy apple red is a must-have for every woman out there. The shine and pigmentation on this baby is unlike any other red gloss and the flattering undertones bring out the pearly whites beautifully. Pair Candy Apple with an exaggerated cat eye and bring out your inner pin-up girl! I can't live without this shade, it's absolutely perfect. You guessed it, it's another MM fave!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Jewel (bottom left): beautiful brownish red with a hint of sparkle. Great on any complexion, especially very fair or deeper skin tones. This sultry shade takes a modern approach to 90's brown lipstick and will become a go-to for all lovers of grunge makeup.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Seduction (bottom right): super vamp, deep burgundy reminiscent of glam-goth heroines of the 90's. Seduction is a darker, wine-colored version of Jewel and is even more sexy and seductive. Bonus: this shade makes the teeth appear super white!
Wearing "Candy Apple"
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Pink Frosting (top left): semi-sheer pink gloss with loads of sparkle. Similar to "Crystal", this shade can be added on top of any lipstick for a touch of pink glimmer and gives the most voluminous lip plumping effect. This gloss is suitable for any complexion and is a must-have for all the girly girls.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Pouty Princess (top right): the only metallic shade in the collection, this sparkling ruby gloss is perfect for the holiday season. I'm generally not a fan of metallic lipsticks / glosses, but this gloss is somehow quite flattering and truly dresses up your makeup look. 
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Rose Hill (bottom left): rosy red shade with hints of pink and coral. This complex gloss was designed by YouTube sensation / pro MUA Jaclyn Hill and it really showcases her talent! Rose Hill is incredibly versatile and flattering on all complexions and ages. This is a must-have shade for fair skin tones and is a true complexion enhancer for women over 40. I love this shade on my medium-tan skin tone as well (I even wore it on my birthday) that's why it's another MM fave!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Wild Orchid (bottom right): bright, vibrant, warm purple, that belongs in the pinks or purples category. This popping shade is über gorgeous and surprisingly wearable, plus it makes the teeth look super white and pretty! It is my #1 favorite color in the collection and I love it for its uniqueness (you won't find it anywhere else), and its youthful dose of fun. Great on any complexion, especially tan to deep, this shade is simply perfect and a clear MM fave!
Wearing "Rose Hill"

PINKS, Purples and Specialty Shades!
Pinks are another fun category that's fit for all the girly girls. I'm a big lover of pink lipstick and gloss, it always adds a fresh pop to any makeup look and makes you look instantly younger and more carefree. 
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Sugar Mama (top left): Sugar Mama is the palest of pinks that's perfect for fair skin tones or as a layer over nude lipstick for that hint of pink. This shade is very pigmented and smooth and is a bit pale for my skin tone to be worn alone, so I'm swatching it over nude lip liner. I love this one for ombré lip looks.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Pink Tiara (top right): pale pastel pink with neutral undertones. This shade is pigmented but milky, so it can be a little tricky to apply when worn alone. TIP: make sure to apply most of the product to the center first, then shear it out towards the lip line. Great over nude lipstick and is best on fair to light skin tones.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Fiji (bottom left): light, vibrant pink with cool undertones. Very pigmented and bright, almost like liquid lipstick. Works well on most skin tones.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Raspberry Sherbet (bottom right): beautiful bright pink with lilac undertones. This vibrant shade brightens the teeth and looks amazing on tan, caramel and deeper skin tones. This is my favorite pink in the collection and also another MM fave!
Wearing "Wild Orchid"
These specialty shades are perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with makeup, or for anyone who's looking for quality glosses for your next costume party. Furthermore, these shades can be mixed with any other gloss to hep you create your own custom color.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Bermuda (top left): vibrant lavender. Outside of the black, this gloss is the most wearable of the specialty shades and looks so cool against any skin tone. Plus, it's super pigmented, creamy and opaque -- perfect for all the Emo girls!
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Bahama (top right): cool, turquoise blue reminiscent of crystal clear blue waters of its name inspiration, the Bahamas. Similar to Bermuda, this shade truly packs a punch and will be a favorite amongst fans of cosplay.
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Phuket (bottom left): pure white with the most amazing pigmentation. Honestly, I've never encountered a more pigmented white gloss. This is a must-have for all makeup artists as it can be used to lighten any other lip product. 
  • Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Gloss in Borneo (bottom left): classic black gloss that offers the most perfect, vinyl shine. Personally, I would wear Borneo on any given day of the week and it's the only gloss I've ever owned that can be worn alone without any lipstick underneath. So pigmented and potent, this is a must-have for all black lipstick lovers (and cat-women) out there. Needless to say, this baby will make your pearly whites even brighter! Another MM fave!
SNEAK PEAK: wearing "Nude" lipstick (swatches to come!)

  • Remember: use code MMSPECIAL to get any 5 glosses + 1 lipstick for $65 including FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!
    • select "Cinco de lip gloss bundle", then apply promo code*


  • use code MARYAM to get 20% OFF sitewide + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!

Q: Which ColorS are you getting?
Last words: As you guys already know, I work very closely with a lot of makeup brands and cosmetic companies and very few can compare to the passion and love behind Gerard Cosmetics. Jen Gerard is one of the most humble and intelligent women I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know while reviewing her brand and her product truly speaks volumes. I'm immensely proud to showcase and introduce this line to all my readers, here on Maryam Maquillage dot com. Gerard Cosmetics is a brand that truly cares about its customers and I couldn't be more proud of Jen and her commitment to the people. 

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Maryam Maquillage

Photos by: Lee World 


Maryam Maquillage © 2011-2014.


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    1. Thank you love!!! Try picking the "cinco the lipgloss + 1 lipstick" from the main page and apply the coupon then. It should work!! Let me know if it doesn't <3

  3. Fantastic swatches and review!
    Thank you for this wonderful post!
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  11. Thanks for this lip swatch post! I used this in reference to what colors I wanted when I ordered! Your swatches are beautiful!

  12. Great review and swatches! Just placed my order and your post really helped me out. After seeing your swatches and the MM favs, it wasn't difficult to narrowing my choices to 5 lip glosses! Thanks :D

  13. Thank you so much! I just ordered the last '5' I was missing with the latest special they had this weekend. Based on your review, I previously ordered Wild Orchid and when it came in, I was nervous, but I received many compliments. The way it stains my lips (after beverages) is really flattering.

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