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Cheers Friends!!!

Hope you're all happy, healthy and warm :))) As you can tell, my poll for the Golden Globes celebrity makeup has been closed and I can now officially announce that the look worn by Jennifer Lopez has won by a landslide and I will be recreating it for this weekend. Yaaayyyy!!! Also, please vote in my new opinion poll, I really want to make this blog as accommodating as possible and address your interests and requests. So far, my blog topics have been about makeup looks and trends that interest me, but as I'm getting more readers, I want it to be about you as well :)) With that said, I hope you find my topic of the day interesting and insightful.

So... Today's post is about the eyebrows... ta-daaaa!!! I chose to talk about eyebrows because people often ask me about how I do mine and if they're my friends, I usually end up doing theirs. On top of that, I'm also someone who tends to pay a lot of attention to my brows and the brows of other people. For some reason, it's one of the first things that I notice on a person's face and the image never leaves my memory. Needless to day, I think the eyebrows are muy importante and happen to be one of my favorite facial features to blab about. So let's get the blabbing started!!!


Maryam Maquillage

MY EYEBROWS are naturally arched and black. I've never waxed, dyed, threaded or shaved my eyebrows, and I've stuck with tweezing ever since I started at around 12-13. Back then I sometimes didn't know when to stop tweezing, so my brows went through a number of transformations over the years. At 15, my eyebrows were so thin and so arched that you probably wouldn't even recognize my face. Check it out lol... 

I was probably around 16 in this pic. Notice how naked the inner portion looks... that's because I worked super hard at getting rid of my slight unibrow. I also liked to use eyebrow gel to keep my brows super shiny and hard. A couple of years later, I went through another brow phase:

For the next few years, I struggled back and forth between thick and thin eyebrows, finally settling on something in between, closer to my natural thickness and shape. I find that my current eyebrow shape is the easiest to maintain. I pluck rarely and still get compliments :)

Personally, I think the eyebrows are just as important as the eyes and can really play up your features and frame your face even better than a haircut. A lot of people tend to treat their eyebrows as secondary features to eyes, neglecting their importance and failing to make the most of its purpose. In such cases, the eyebrows downplay the features. Check out these two celebrity examples:

1. My favorite celebrity eyebrows to watch are Kimmy K's... When we first met Kim, her boldly rocked thick brows quickly turned into a trend among those Juicy Couture ladies we now refer to as the Jersey Shore. Kim's eyebrow shape is typical middle eastern--thick and closely set. I personally like her eyebrows slightly thinner and more rounded, as in the second photo. I think it was sort of necessary for her to change her eyebrows so that they can work better with her very dark and extra long lashes. What do you guys think of Kimmy's brow transformation??

Another celeb to go from messy to clean eyebrows is J. Lo. Take a look at her 2 eyebrow looks:

Here she is looking bushy (and a bit aged?)

and here she is again, looking squeaky clean. 

In both cases, we can see how changing the eyebrows can change the whole appearance of the face and eyes. Keep this in mind when you decide to change the shape of your brows. 

FAVE CELEB THICK BROWS: I love thick eyebrows on those who can pull it off and still look modern. Sure, 80's brows are hot, but in 2011--we have to give them some shape. My award for best Modern Thick Brows goes to Modern Family's Sofia Vergara. This is not a look for everyone, but because Sofia's brows are light and the hairs are fine, she pulls it off well. Imagine the same shape on dark brows like Kim K's...

FACE CELEB THIN BROWS: Thin brows work best on women whose eyebrows are naturally thin and don't require a lot of pulling and tugging. If your eyebrows are thick like mine, this is probably not a good look for you, unless you're going for that 90's chola look, as I did in my teenage years. My award for best Modern Thin Eyebrows goes to Nicole Schzwrtsenburger--Pussycat Doll. Her brows are perfect for her rounder face and frame her eyes beautifully.

FAVE BLONDE EYEBROWS: Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gents)!!! A quick disclaimer: DO NOT DYE YOUR EYEBROWS EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!!! Also, DO NOT BLEACH YOUR EYEBROWS!!! Your eyebrows will never be the same. NO, they will not grow back and YES, they will fall out. In addition, blonde or light brows should not be filled in with a black pencil. Once again, you will look like a chola, at best. To thicken or to darken blonde eyebrows, use a light brown pencil or shadow on an angled brush, fill in sparse areas, and comb through with a spoolie. My award for best Natural Blonde Brows goes to Scarlett Johansson. To make her brows pop, her makeup artist underlined them with a white pencil, which is a great trick to make them appear fuller and darker.

Her eyebrows are light but still very defined.

FAVE STRAIGHT BROWS: If your eyebrows don't have a natural arch, this is the look for you. Don't bother arching your brows if you can't, just keep them trimmed and tamed with brow wax or gel. I absolutely cannot shape my eyebrows to grow straight, and that's probably why I like this shape so much. My award for best Straight Brows goes to Jessica Alba.


Matching her brow color to her eye color...?

Freaky Christina

Megan Fox as Chola...

The Mother of All Mothers--Lil' Kim... ::shrugs::


  1. Gorgeous looks!!! www.msmadeulook.blogspot.com

  2. welldone chica !! GREAT blog !!

  3. thanks boo, I need you to model for me oxoxoxo

  4. this post is amazing. thank you so much for the advice not to bleach eyebrows, i was thinking of doing that this month and now i definitely will not be! i use a pencil at the moment but i'm eying up the brushes and powder shades in mac. Your eyebrows look so perfect, im utterly jealous. x

  5. I bleach mine all the time and they always grow bk

  6. I bleach mine all the time and they always grow bk

  7. Awesome post! Celebrity eyebrows... I love Jordana Brewster´s eyebrows.


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