Sunday, January 16, 2011

Glamour Puss: Silver Screen Siren

Hola chicas y chicos ;))

After going through my makeup picture archives, I realized I only have a few more looks to showcase before I have to start coming up with new creations. The makeup I chose for today isn't for your Sunday church service, so I hope you're not disappointed, but I'm no church girl. On the contrary, I'm... this look is about full-on glamour and is best suited for a sexy night out. The emphasis is made on the heavily lined eyes and contoured cheeks, which are balanced by a neutral glossy lip. In the pic, I'm wearing all black, however, this makeup can be worn with whatever colors or outfits that you please. The eye makeup is particularly versatile because it complements all eye colors, shapes and sizes. In this blog, I will provide step by step directions on how to achieve the look, so go ahead and follow along if you're interested in duplicating it. If reading directions isn't your thing, you can simply look at the pictures and let them guide you. If you're just curious about makeup, scroll down and check out my tips and tricks, which are sure to be of use to any chica out there!!!


Maryam Maquillage

ABOUT THE LOOK: Bronzed glowing skin meets dramatic silver eyes meets contoured features + a glossy pout. Best for: dinners, outings, clubbing, lounging, birthday, new year, party and more.

HOW TO: Start by moisturizing and priming your face and lids. You can choose whether to start with the eyes or the face first, it doesn't matter for this look.

Face: Dot your concealer under the eye and blend either with your finger or a clean fluffy dome-shaped brush. With a kabuki brush, apply your mineral foundation starting at the jawline and making your way to the center of the face. Take a flat brush and pat the foundation over problem areas to cover the imperfections.

Tip: Do not apply loose powder foundation underneath the eye using patting motions. Instead, lightly swipe or brush on a little bit of product to help seal the concealer. Patting on the foundation will make the concealer appear cake-y which will settle in your fine lines making them seem more pronounced.

Tip: Take your bronzer and apply it all over the forehead and around the frame of the face. Next, suck in your cheeks and follow the groove, blending the product into the hairline. Take a finer brush and contour the sides of the nose and under the chin. Voila!!! You've now shed about 5 pounds :)

Eyes: Take a metallic silver eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid, stopping just above the crease line. Take a white shimmery color and place it just in the inner corner of the eye, on top of the silver. This will open up the eye, making it appear bigger and brighter. Next, take a flesh toned eyeshadow on a fluffy dome-shaped brush and blend the color with the edge of the silver shadow you just applied. This step will soften the harsh line, making the transition more natural. Take the white shimmery shadow again and apply directly underneath the high point of the eyebrow, blending with the flesh toned shadow. Take a black shadow, preferably matte and apply it to the outer corner of the eye, on top of the silver, to give the eye extra dimension. Line the eyes entirely, creating a slight wing at the outer corner. Next, line the water lines, top and bottom and make sure to rim the inner corner of the eye.

Tip: Rimming the waterlines will make dark eyes lighter and light eyes brighter :)))

Finish the eye look with two coats of black mascara and fill in your eyebrows where necessary.

Lips: Keeping the lips simple yet glamorous, line them with a neutral lipliner and add lip plumping gloss on top.

Face: Add a cotton-candy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending it up toward the hairline. Finish with a setting spray, 2-3 spritz to melt the layers of makeup together and to keep it lasting all night. My 2 favorites are Mac Fix Plus and Urban Decay All Nighter.


  1. just purchased two urban decay eyeshadows yesterday!!! can't wait to experiment :)


  2. you're gonna love them Zofi!!! Please share your creations oxoxoxox :)))


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