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Bonjour mes filles :)))

Hope your Mardi isn't as gray and icy as my Tuesday is in New York City... To add some color to today, I've decided to do an entry on some of my favorite nail polishes. Thank you, anonymous, for your question/concern, from now on, I will always include the name of my nail polish or varnish, as you say :)) I apologize for not thinking of it sooner. To make up for my mishap, I'm going to showcase some of my favorite nail colors and provide you all with some tips and tricks. Please enjoy!!!

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Maryam Maquillage


THE REDS: I firmly believe that a classic red nail polish should be a staple in every female's collection. A proper red that is complimentary to your skin tone, will instantly make your hands more glamorous and feminine. It will dress up the blandest of outfits, likewise, it can also be worn with any style that you choose. You most certainly don't have to be a Marilyn.

LOL @ her chipped pinky

Rihanna's super long and super red stiletto nails are her trademark and they certainly suit her "bad-girl" image. Although I'm not a huge fan of stiletto nails (nails that come to a point), they are def the trend nowadays, so if you've got the long skinny fingers to pull them off, go ahead and try this look. Perhaps, you could try the press-ons first before committing to growing out your own. If you can't find the pointed type, just get the rounded ones and file them to a point with a heavy duty filer and you're good to go, a la Rihanna :))
Gwen Stefani is known for her short and squared red nails. Personally, I like my nails a pinch longer for bright red, however, Gwen's cropped sporties fit her style perfectly. Again, this style of red nail looks best on someone who has thin, long fingers and a longer shape of the nail bed. My nails are naturally very small, so cutting them at the root and painting them red would only make them look smaller and my fingers wider--clearly not a good look. However, on some of you, this may be the way to go, particularly if you think red may be too much for you. 


This is my current favorite red nail polish and I've used it for a little over a year after my previous favorite was discontinued. This hot red-orange is super bright and has a brilliant shine, which unfortunately didn't translate very well in this picture. As you can tell, my nails are slightly rounded, and I quite like how red polish appears on this shape. I kept them a pinch longer than I usually do, about 3 mm, just covering the edges of my fingers. I generally don't like the tips of my fingers to be visible from the front for any nail color. 

In this pic, you can see the baby kitteeeeeh, and also my fabulous red nails in the same nail polish. Here, I have more squared nails, and if you notice, they are still covering the tip of my finger. This nail polish is from Soo nails in color #S29, and I get it at my local beauty supply store, though I'm sure you can find it on the internet somewhere. I believe this is a Korean brand, (though it says made in USA). Anywhooo, HOORAY for BaBy KiTtEnS!!!

Here's another pic of the same nail polish on my friend Elvina. She has lighter skin than I do, and  longer nails, but this color looks amazing on her as well, and SUPER SHINY!!!

Here, I'm sporting very long (well, long for me) square shaped nails in my other favorite red, Revlon's Red Hot Tamale nail polish. My only concern with this nail polish is the time it takes to dry. If you put on your second coat before waiting at least 5 minutes for the first to dry, it may dry bubbly. The only thing that should be bubbly is our champagne on New Years, so two thumbs down to Revlon nailpolishes. Gotta work on the quality guys :) ::snap snap::


My favorite of-the-moment bright nail polishes are in the blue and teal family. I love how graphic and bold these colors look on the hands, giving an interesting twist to everyday outfits. I particularly enjoy pairing bold graffiti nails with a sleek black going out outfit. It truly makes me feel like a rockstar!!! In this picture, I'm wearing Soo Nails nail polish in #s23--Madison Avenue. (?_?) Really, Soo Nails, Madison Avenue? I somehow don't see the connection... moving right along.

Rockstar status, I tell ya!!! Very similar to the previous color in pictures, but very different in real life. This one is a true sky blue and is named so (appropriately this time) by Soo Nails, my favorite sketchy Korean nail polish company. They have a great variety and the colors are SOO pigmented :) P. S. My two-finger ring is from Banana Republic, who knew they made bike reflectors...

"Love is Blue" and so is this hot nail varnish, awesomely named so by Quirius nail company. I just love love love this bright royal blue and think it would look amazing on any nail shape. Mine are cut super short and square and I think I'm doing a decent job pulling it off, particularly in this pic, as the bright blue is offset by the red top. I'm feeling a slight Americana vibe in this one :))


I like going against the grain at times, so my favorite dark nail color could not possibly be black, burgundy or wine, although I do wear them all the time. This color is definitely in my favorites stack, and I'm very excited to have discovered it. This mysterious navy blue/black color reminds me of a shiny old grand piano and brings back such cozy memories... My nails are cropped and square, and on them I am wearing Mattése nail enamel in Ballroom Blue. How magnificent!


I love Minx and I love metallic nail polishes comparable to Minx in quality. The only ones I've found to have a similar metal chrome effect are... ::drumroll:: ... SOO NAILS... ::applause::

See for yourself!!! Minx on Beyonce and Soo Nails on yours truly (below). Beyonce's are the color of true gold, while the color that I'm wearing is more of a light gold. I own a bronze color from the same collection and it looks more like the one pictured on Miss Bee. 

Nail Tips and Tricks :)))
✌ Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote Nail Growth System. Use this under and over your nailpolish. Nails will be hard like glass and will improve with continued use. With this stuff, I don't worry about my nail polish chipping for a whole week minimum. I almost regret giving this tip... this is an insider secret ;p

Make sure your nail polish and nail shape compliment your style, age and skin tone. Nothing looks worse than black nail polish on a 79 year old. I don't care how funky you are, stick to neutrals and classics.

Keep your nails the same length, ladies. Unless of course you need that pinky nail for scooping purposes. Just kidding.

Do not trust all nail salons. Make sure they disinfect all their tools and use a disposable filer every time. They cost about a penny and they get them in bulk, so there really is no excuse.


  1. I love all the bright colors and the gold.My fave celeb nails I must say are Gwen's and of course yours are always parfait!

  2. awesome colors, i love the gold, as well as the blue, and i think you should recreate Megan Fox golden globes look

  3. i really loved that light gold and the really really vivid love is blue! And of course zee red!

    My fave color changes every season. zey all look goode!

  4. Hi....Awesome...!So pretty. I really love these colors. :)

  5. Awesome nail colours...........


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