Friday, January 21, 2011

Unpretty in PINK or "PINK EYE"

Hellloooo Friday!!!

As promised, today's look is Friday appropriate and I came up with it completely spontaneously, just by playing with makeup and trying out my new MAC pigments, courtesy of my mama Sally :)) I decided to go for a pink look, but I didn't want it to be typical--sweet and pretty. Although, pink is one of my favorite colors and happens to look awesome on me, ::pats myself on the back:: I always tend to associate it with the things I don't like about the color. Whenever I think of the color pink, I think of Molly Ringwald in the 80's, and though I absolutely adore the 80's, I'm not much into the idea of 80's prom being fashionable. Then, I think about baby clothes, and how much I hate when moms dress up their little girls in pale baby pink... to me, it's been done and is soooo played out! Props to all you moms out there who go against the grain :) My least favorite association with pink is when it's plastered across girls' derrieres, a la Victoria's Secret sweats. I love those sweats and own about 4 pairs, but I dare NOT wear them to the mall... with uggs. C'mon ladies...

What I do love about pink is when it's done right: 1. Hot pink on tan skin 2. Pink sunsets 3. Edgy "Pink Eye" Makeup. Voila!!!

The look I'm showing today is my version of (un)Pretty in Pink, or simply "Pink Eye"



Maryam Maquillage

Merci, NON!!!

THE LOOK: Inspired by none other than my new MAC pigments, this look falls somewhere in between goth and arabic eye makeup--two styles that I absolutely adore. I took this eye look to its maximum, but you certainly don't have to. To make it more wearable, just skip the inner corner wing :)


Face: Laura Mercier mineral foundation primer, Bare Minerals matte foundation in medium bisque, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, MAC mineralize blush in Moon River (discontinued)

Eyes: Lancome Maquicomplet concealer in Medium Bisque, Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX jumbo eye pencils in Strawberry milk and Rust. MAC pigment in Fuschia, MAC pigment in Pink Venus, Coastal Scents 88 palette (matte colors--burgundy, navy, pink and purple), Clinique cream liner in True Black, NYX glitter liner in Disco Queen, Ardell half lashes

Lips: NYX lipliner in Dolly Pink, Maybelline Lip Polish in Baby Mauve (discontinued)

HOW TO: This look is not for beginners and maybe difficult to recreate, so if you think there are way too many steps to follow, just try out the colors and use your own application technique.

1. Prime lids with primer
2. Apply pink color base on the lid, staying under the crease and extending to a wing.
3. Take a burgundy color base and draw a second wing right above the pink "cutting" the crease. Pencil works best for this.
4. Pack on the shimmery pink over the pink base. I used two colors, with the darker on on the outer corner.
5. Take a matte wine shadow and pack over the burgundy base, concentrating on the outer wing.

6. Take a matte bright purple on a fluffy brush and blend out the harsh edge of the wine color on the outer wing, blending the two colors together.
7. Take a light pink and do the same to the inner portion of the burgundy shadow.
8. With a small brush, apply a matte navy color just to the outer corner of the crease and blend it out.
9. Take a black gel or cream liner on a fine brush and line your upper lash line, winging it out towards the eyebrow.
10. With the remaining color on the brush, line underneath the bottom lash line very lightly.
11. Take a glitter liner and line the inner portion of the bottom lash line, over the previously applied liner and extend the inner wing (optional).
12. Apply your half lashes and you're done!!! I chose half lashes because I didn't want to cover up the detailing on the shadow.

Pair the eye look with some nude lipgloss on the lips, and keep them shiny. Matte nude lips make the mouth look invisible on the skin. SMILE MORE!!! Heavy dramatic makeup like this can make us ladies seem unapproachable at times, and I doubt that any of us really want that lol.

The world will smile back :D

I likes to make faces :/

Pretty in Pink (= me in high school


  1. i hate those pink sweats =X

    you need to show the brushes Masha/ show your tooooools. Such a sweet hs pic =)

    Very naiiiiise mama.

  2. will do!!! next post, jojo will get ze brushez!!! xoxo

  3. so pretty! this will be a good look for valentines!

  4. From woman to woman, you are really beautiful, and especially without any makeup on. I read your whole blog last night. And your my 2nd follower, thank you!

  5. Thank you so much ladies!!! Spasibo Sandra, it means a lot :))

  6. beautiful look! I've never been able to wear pink eyeshadow without look like a disaster! haha my favorite part is the lips tho!

    just subbed. Please take a look at my blog, and sub if you like it.


  7. Dang mami, you were just as gorgeous in HS! I totally had those VS shoes!!


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