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The Skinny about S.K.I.N.

Happy Monday ::womp womp::

Hope you're all staying warm and healthy, especially if you're living on the east coast. The weather has not been kind to us at all and I'm feeling tested for sure!!! On days like these, I prefer to stay to stay @ home with netflix, carbs, and a luxurious hydrating mask on my face :)) This brings me to my topic of the day: SKIN. In my previous posts I have talked about acne and mineral (natural) makeup to improve skin's appearance. Today's post will be a compilation of what I talked about before, as well as some of my tips on how to care for winter skin and tricks for a quick skin fix. Hope you find this post useful :))

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Maryam Maquillage

Though we're all born with perfect skin, not many of us are blessed with holding on to it through our adolescence and into adulthood. Pictured above is my remnant of beautiful baby skin that left me long long ago... how easy life would be if we all got to keep the flawless skin we were born in. Sadly, life is harsh and unfair, so let's be thankful for the things we did get to keep or are able to change... like our names or eye color lol... Fortunately there are also ways to preserve youthful skin as well as treat and repair problematic skin, so all's not lost!!!

As many of you can probably relate, acne has been the story of my life since my teenage years ::sigh::... Even though, the problem was never severe, I felt with all of my heart that it was the end of the world. How many of you have ever been lead to feel this way by simple pimples? Probably many. The reason for this is that acne is a psychological phenomenon more than it is a physical manifestation. It is an accumulation of stress, hormones, environmental factors etc. that add up and sprout like angry weeds all over our skin in areas where our glands are working overtime in producing oil. Damn those oil mining glands!! And damn that stress straight to you know where!!! If I could find the source to eliminating stress, I'd be a billionaire... for now, I'll just keep on diggin' ;)

As a teenager, I started using Proactiv, and though it didn't get rid of my zits completely, it definitely tamed them. I don't want to be a Proactiv spokesperson and say that it was my ultimate answer, but it was the most effective product I have tried to date... (other than the invasive one that can cause blood clots or strokes, that I wouldn't recommend to any woman out there). Just on the side note, if you're into having hot flashes at 25, go ahead and get a prescription... your skin will be baby smooth, but all joking aside, I seriously and strongly advise against it. So much that I'm not even naming it. Anyway, onto more natural methods :)))

Yup. You got it. Egg Yolk and honey :)) Not only does it help acne (thanks MOM), but it also somehow rejuvenates your pores and makes your face feel fresh, awake, and full of life!!! Really, I was hesitant at first, but pleasantly surprised with the results. I'm not too sure on the proportions... I'm guessing it doesn't really matter: 1 egg yolk and a couple spoonfuls of honey. Mix and apply all over face, comme ça:

You also get an instant Orange glow a la the Jersey Shore... it's a two for one, really. I'll address the orange glow in another entry, so be on the lookout for that. Back to my awesome mask... To me, this recipe is a true quick fix that even makeup can't compete with. If your canvas is damaged, no amount of paint can masquerade it. This mask, however, works as a natural primer for your canvas and minimizes your problem areas in an effort to repair the damage. A tip for minimizing the pores is a similar mask, made of just egg whites. The best part about these is that they can be found in your fridge... for free.

A store bought mask that I absolutely cannot live without is my Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, made of sulphur. Click on the link and you can find it cheaper than in any drug store. 

This thing is soooo good after a long night of partying, as pictured on my face above. It does everything it promises to do--dries up pimples without drying out the skin around it, minimizes pores, mattifies, brightens, and even exfoliates. This thing is magical... truly. I swear by it. The only problem--it freezes your face for the 10-15 minutes it takes to dry (depending on the thickness), which makes it a little difficult being around people who make you laugh and smile.

 My perfect skinned baby cousins, amused by my green frozen face...



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