Friday, March 11, 2011

Midnight Kiss

Bonjour les filles... 

It's been a long dark week of hard labor, ups, downs and rain... as it comes to a close, I find myself in desperate need of an artistic outlet. When I was a carefree little girl, I would paint... today, with less time and more inhibitions, I continue to paint... only it's no longer on paper or canvas. Now, I paint on my face... sometimes for fun, sometimes to ease those inhibitions, and mostly because it's my way of relaxing and enjoying some quality time with myself. What can I say, I like to Fix My Face and you should too, it is, after all, a form of self-expression!!

Since so many of my friends have approached me over the years with questions about makeup, nails, shopping, and other female topics, I decided to start this blog to answer them all here and share my passion for all things beauty-related. If you've been following me from the beginning, thank you and I hope I've left you satisfied. I am at your service, so go ahead and ask me anything :))

My maquillage du jour is featuring two Darkness inspired looks, focusing on the dark lipstick trend from my last post, but the styles are very different. I tried to vary the flavors to suit everyone's taste, so let me know which one's your flavor :))


Maryam Maquillage

Naughty or Nice?

MIDNIGHT KISS LOOK #1: I think its NICE: This is probably the easiest of all of the makeup looks I've done so far--there's nothing on my eyes as far as primers, shadows and liners, just mascara on the bottom lashes and falsies on top. Anyone can do that, right? You can probably even skip the falsies and just go for loads of mascara on both top and bottom lashes. Because my eyebrows are thick and dark, I feel that I can pull off a dark lip look without any eyeshadow or liner. If you think this may not be enough for you, you can either line your waterlines with a black liner or simply darken and thicken your brows just a bit. 

TIP: When reshaping or filling in your brows, never use a black pencil, even if your hairs are black. Instead, go for a cool toned charcoal or brown waxy pencil or shadow on a brush. If your brows are light, try a taupe eyebrow pencil. Always remember to brush out the color after you've shaped the brows, you don't want them looking like they were drawn on. Seal the hairs with eyebrow gel or wax.

Line your bottom waterline with a nude pencil
to make the whites of the eyes pop

If you're going for falsies, choose ones with a clear band. 
They look more natural against a naked lid :)

My lipstick is CoverGirl TruShine in Cherry Shine and my
hair is a mess. Excuse it, I wasn't going anywhere :)

Here are the sexy ladies that inspired my NICE Midnight Kiss look:

Cover Girl Queen Latifah

Megan Fox--nice this time :)) Hooray for strong brows!!

Definitely Naughty
Truth be told, I don't think any guy is going to want to kiss your vampy mouth, but since this blog isn't about guys, let's just disregard that thought... 

MIDNIGHT KISS LOOK #2: I took this look to the maximum, but as always, you don't have to. The lipstick that I'm wearing here is CoverGirl TruShine in Currant Shine, a rather goth shade, and isn't something I would typically wear. I remember back in the day, around 12-13, I went through black lipstick like it was chapstick. Today, it's still fun, though I can't imagine an event that I'd wear it to... anyway, you can substitute the vampy black for any dark lip color of your choice.

For this look, I drew my inspiration from several ladies in the following photos: 


The eyebrows of Chanel Iman (bottom left),
and Black gloss (right)

TO ACHIEVE: Follow your normal face routine. I evened out my skin tone with concealer and applied my typical every day Bare Minerals foundation. I didn't want to overpower the look with heavily powdered skin, so I kept it somewhat bare and minimal.

THE KEY to achieving this look is having the right products and tools. Here is what you will need:
  1. Black waterproof eye liner pencil. I used Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero.
  2. Black eyeshadow of your choice. Surprise, I used Urban Decay shadow in Zero!!
  3. A smudge brush for the shadow.
  4. Black cream or gel liner, like Clinique cream liner in True Black.
  5. A fine tipped liner brush for the gel liner.
  6. Vaseline, Aquaphor, or any greasy lip balm.
  7. Black Mascara of your choice and/or falsies.
  8. Nude liner like Stila kajal pencil in Topaz.

THE EYES: This is what I call an exaggerated cat-eye with a gothic feel. 
  1. Line the inner half of your bottom waterline with a black pencil liner. 
  2. Use the same pencil to line the outer half or your top and bottom lash lines.
  3. Take some black shadow on a smudge brush and pat it over the waterline where you placed the pencil.
  4. Take more shadow on the smudge brush and smudge out the liner on the bottom and top lash lines. Connect the two lines at the outer corner and extend the wing with the brush.
  5. With a fine brush, apply your gel liner on the entire top lash line, staying close to the lashes and extending the outer and inner wings.
  6. For the inner corner, follow your top lash line and bottom waterline with your eye open. Connect the two lines to create a triangle shape.
  7. Line the outer half of the waterline with a nude pencil to make the whites pop.
  8. Add mascara to the top and bottom lashes and finish with falsies (optional).
  9. Take some vaseline or whatever greasy ointment you have available and apply it to the center of your lid, right above the crease. The result is sexy and gritty, trust me on this one. ;)
  10. Extra oomph: Take the gel liner on the same fine brush and run a few strokes through your brows a la Chanel Iman. The effect is whisky, like a naughty kitty.
I'm not sure who this chick is, but she is working this look...
I'd def kiss her at midnight :x

Naughty or Nice? You decide...
My corset is from Charlotte Russe, eerthang else--homegrown :)


Maryam Maquillage


  1. OMG you sexy woman you! both looks are great but I especially love the naughty on you. Pure sexyness! and I'm loving that covergirl cherry shine. Such a beautiful color.

  2. that first red lipstick looks phenomenal on you, very pretty following, hope you can also! i just started so i'd really appreciate the support :-)

  3. I've rocked a black lip before but never red I don't think it looks right on me. Great application.

  4. thank you ladies, really appreciate the support :))

  5. Oh my gosh! This is pure awesomeness. WOW! I love each look and you have such skill. Gorgeous.

  6. love love love love love <3
    this is exactly how i do my makeup lately
    looks gorgeous on u <3


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