Friday, September 7, 2012

Spikes, Studs and Fashion Week

Bonjour mes amis and Happy NY Fashion Week to all my Fashionistas!! This week is always a memorable one in the life of a New Yorker. Between Fashion's Night Out (FNO) and all the preparations for the shows, it's hard not to get inspired and/or influenced by all the lively and expressive street fashions that can be seen on the sidewalks of New York. This week, I'm inspired by fashion and interpreting it through my nail art and decoration. Today's nail post is vampy, gothic and avant garde -- for the dark, McQueen soul in you...

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a spike-studded affair
The stars (spikes) of this nail art show:

Nail rings are a fairly new trend and have recently been spotted on the likes of Lady Gaga & Rihanna; however, this drama-lovin' nail party is no longer exclusive and we can now all claim VIP. The nail ring trend has been gaining steam amongst fashionistas and nail enthusiasts alike, with growing features on popular style and nail blogs all over the blogosphere.

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PRICE: $2.20 each (wholesale options available)

SIZE: Standard (1.3 cm diameter)

COLOR: Gold or Silver


DESCRIPTION: The rings are standard size (1.3 cm in diameter) and rest just above the top joint of a pointer finger / middle finger on small, female hands. These nail rings are super comfortable and fun to wear, adding a dose of edge and dark glamour to every outfit. The spiky snake nail ring is a replica of a popular design worn by Nicole Richie (pic below). 

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Nicole Richie does Gaga proud

  1. BK Crystal Sand Nail Polish in Black Silver Shimmer #17
    • This nail polish is just awesome! The unique crystal sand texture results in a stunning finish that is smooth, but not slippery to the touch. The micro "sand" glitter particles are densely packed delivering a serious "wow" factor. Best part: only 1 coat is needed for compete opaque coverage. All I can say is, there are 24 colors in this collection and I can't wait to try them all! 
    • GET YOURS HERE: (exclusive 10% off coupon: MARYAM5W21
    • PRICE: $4.74 (wholesale options available)
  2.  2 mm Gold Square Stud Rhinestone
    • Looking for great quality stud rhinestones? Look no further! The BPS has a huge selection of shapes, styles, colors and sizes of both studs and rhinestones for all your nail art needs.
    • SIZE: 2mm (other sizes available)
    • COLOR: Gold (other colors available)
    • GET YOURS HERE: (exclusive 10% off coupon: MARYAM5W21
    • PRICE: $5.73 (wholesale options available) 
  3. Easily Picking Rhinestone Picker Wax Pen (2 pieces)
    • Greatest invention ever!!! Way better than a wet toothpick or an orange stick, this wax pencil picks up rhinestones and studs with effortless ease and cuts the decorating time in half. 
    • GET YOURS HERE: (exclusive 10% off coupon: MARYAM5W21
    • PRICE: $1.99 (wholesale options available)
  4. Duri Rejuvacote Base / Top Coat-- the one and only
  5. Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue
On My Lips:
  • Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Kaleidoscope (plum-purple with turquoise micro glitters) -- the perfect finishing touch to this goth glam nail look. I love LC's Carousel Glosses for their incredible opacity and lasting power -- not to mention the creative colors!
 Lookin' kinda creepy -- and I like it! Exclusively for FW :))

Are you following the NY cat-walks and catching the runway chatter? Are you tuning in to see your favorite designers showcase their latest and greatest? This year, I'm keeping myself in tune and enjoying every minute of it -- so far, so good -- you can definitely expect a post or two straight from the fashion runway!


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