Friday, September 21, 2012

Can't Live Without My "Maryam"

Salam dear friends :) Today's post is long overdue and is featuring my favorite keepsake: my silver "Maryam" necklace. As you know, I've started to incorporate more and more accessories and style posts, and I couldn't exclude one of my most worn jewelry items and personal faves. I've worn my "Maryam" in many different posts and have always gotten a ton of compliments, as well as questions, so today, I'm giving you all the info and even including a makeup look inspired by the piece.

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  • PRICE: $29.95
  • INCLUDES: 925 Sterling Silver box chain necklace (other options available)
  • FINISH: Polished (available in matte and diamond cut)
  • LANGUAGE: Arabic

ABOUT: Wow-imports specializes in Silver and Gold personalized name necklaces in many languages and scripts, including, but not limited to Hebrew, Russian, Armenian, Greek, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Tibetan. The Latin alphabet necklaces (used in English, Spanish, French, etc.) are available in over 10 different fonts -- both classic and modern -- to cater to every taste and style. Wow Imports offers children's necklaces, personalized religious jewelry, Monogram necklaces and even Egyptian Cartouche pendants. With Wow Imports, you can personalize and customize any piece of jewelry: rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings and even cufflinks!

Here's a peek:

THE MASTER: Eli Ron is a 40 year veteran jeweler and silversmith, who comes from generations of jewelers, many of whom were commissioned by royalty. In fact, Eli's father, a local silversmith from Tunisia, is the likely founder of the name necklace which he first handcrafted in the 1950's in Jerusalem. Many of the present makers of name jewelry apprenticed with Eli and a lot of the traditional name necklaces and name ring designs on the market today are his creations. It's more likely than not that you have seen someone wearing Eli's work!

The "Maryam" Story: My Silver Arabic "Maryam" necklace is very near and dear to my heart. I first started wearing it about 2 years ago, after I saw a version of it in a photograph taken in Tunisia. Since I wasn't in Tunisia at the time, I searched the net for authentic, quality Arabic name plate necklaces and stumbled upon I immediately placed an order and got my necklace about 3 weeks later. Since then, I've received countless praise and a ton of compliments on my necklace, and the positive energy from this handmade piece kept me warm and at peace. In a sense, this necklace has been my talisman and protector.
Although I've had a "Maryam" necklace for a while, the one you see in these photos isn't my original piece. Sadly, I lost the name plate I ordered two years ago (ironically, it was a few days before I planned to feature it on my blog) and the one you see here is a replacement piece. Thankfully, the lovely people at Wow Imports were kind enough to send me a brand new "Maryam" necklace in exchange for this review -- and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Wow Imports!
My new "Maryam" is perfect, shiny and just like the the original, though slightly larger, which I prefer. The necklace continues to receive tons of praise, especially from my five-year-old sister Hanifa, who was deeply saddened when I lost the original piece. I wear my "Maryam" on a daily basis, complementing all my clothing styles and choices. I love to pair it with a fancy dress, as well as with a simple t-shirt and jeans. This necklace is always a conversation starter and I'm eager to get a few more pieces. Perhaps a Hebrew name ring or some personalized Russian name earrings :))
The calligraphic quality of the Arabic writing is so beautiful and timeless; I couldn't help but create a makeup look inspired by it. For the eye makeup, I chose a simple, double winged graphic liner and silver glitter and emphasized the look with two dots, as expressed in the Arabic writing of the name "Maryam".
I Can't Live Without My "Maryam"!!!

Visit for Silver & Gold name jewelry and much more!

Special Thanks to Ron :))


Maryam Maquillage


*Photo Credits: Le Var (merci!)

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