Monday, September 17, 2012

Beauty by Inglot at Bonkuk Koo -- NY Fashion Week

Salut mes amis! Today's post is my final coverage of NY Fashion Week and I'm excited to present Bonkuk Koo, one my favorite runway collections of the season. The show, presented by Stoli, was all about class and taste -- from the exquisite designs to the impeccable styling to the glamorous makeup -- Bonkuk Koo left me intrigued and yearning for more! The makeup for this show was done by Inglot with the expertise of key makeup artist James Vincent.

Bonkuk Koo is a young, emerging designer from Seoul, South Korea, who has won numerous awards and recognitions in the field. His sculptural designs are passionate and thought-provoking, putting Bon on the forefront of fashion as a "designer to watch".

The Collection: Smart, sleek, sexy sophistication. Architectural and minimalist, but to the maximum. Clean lines, graceful silhouettes and nuances of geometry come together in a trifecta of colors that speak to the rich and tasteful. Bonkuk's design constant is the beauty of sculptural shape and his aim is to create clothes for a woman's living room rather than for her closet. 

The Inspiration: The SS 2013 Collection was inspired by the designer's constant, as well as the nine flavors of Stoli Vodka. Each of the flavors were visually ingrained into the designs by being projected onto a 2-dimensional surface and their sculptural elements were translated into beautiful patterns on the surface.

My Faves: Personally, I would wear all of these clothes, especially the black and white ensemble on the left (above). The chic dress and sheer vest are exceptionally flattering and powerful. Any woman to wear this combo would feel like a queen of the world -- that model is owning it!
BEAUTY by Inglot: To play up the sophisticated glamour of Bonkuk Koo, key makeup artist James Vincent focused on remastering and modernizing the classic old Hollywood look with a sculpted fuller brow, lighter lid, flushed cheeks and baby pink nude or golden red lips. "As if she just had a sip of Stoli and the flush is coming through", described Vincent.



Master Beauty Tips from James Vincent:
  • To play up the eye, Vincent and his team used the lightest wash of color from the crease to the lash, instead of the brow bone. The artists sculpted the brow to a fuller, denser shape and added a lash. The result: "Polished, sophisticated, beautiful open eye on the runway"
  • To recreate this modern glam look for every day, Vincent suggests layering the mascara and focusing on the baby pink or red lips. "It's a really easy look to wear -- the lip color is the same color as on the cheek and this monochromatic look works on everyone" explains Vincent. 
    I also had the pleasure of hanging out backstage and experiencing the creative chaos that goes into fashion shows and the workmanship of the artists who help these shows come alive. James Vincent was a total charmer and offered a few words of advice to anyone looking to further themselves in the beauty industry:
    • "The key to starting out in the beauty industry is networking and education. There are thousands of makeup artists out there right now, so you've got to keep educating yourself -- learning the latest trends, the latest technology and the latest technique -- as well as meeting the right people. There are artists here right now from London to Berlin to Las Vegas and they're on my team because I know them -- they've worked with me on other projects, they've come to The Makeup Show, or they've taken my classes -- and when I need to surround myself with the right people, I bring in the people that I know and trust. Apprenticing is key: I started out as an assistant for Linda Cantello, who is still a mentor, and my mentors have given me huge opportunities. The reason I get to work with someone like Lady Gaga is because Billy B brought me in or Sharon Gault recommended me, so you've got to make friends in this industry and be professional. It's still a business and so many people get caught up thinking that it's just art; but, it's art and commerce and you've got to have the balance."

      As a special treat, singer Estelle graced the audience with a fabulous performance that had me singing along and boppin' my head to the beat. Until next year Fashion Week!!

      Special Thanks to Melody & James :)


      Maryam Maquillage


      *Photo Credits: Tom McCavera

      Maryam Maquillage © 2012.
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