Thursday, May 1, 2014

"City Smokey" Makeup with Wayne Goss, The Eye Set

Hello beauties! Wayne Goss is at it again, this time, bringing us his amazing eye brush collection, The Eye Set. If you've read my RAVE review on The Face Set, you may be surprised that I'm even more excited about this set. Truth is, these eye brushes are so smart and expertly-made that they truly cut the eye makeup time in half, making that intimidating smokey eye an easy-peasy, every day staple. 

Read on for my FULL review, Tutorial, and a bonus OOTD below!!

Wayne Goss: The Eye Set, available exclusively at Beautylish
Created by international makeup artist and YouTube superstar, Wayne Goss, the Eye Set brushes are anything but ordinary. All WG brushes are numbered instead of named to promote individual artistry and customization, yet they are fit to tackle just about any technique and application. Because they are so smart and well-made, these brushes are able to produce the most seamless results in record time. Tried and tested by moi :)

  • Hand-crafted by 20 skilled artisans in Kumano, Japan (a region known for creating makeup brushes for over 200 years)
  • Made of feather-soft, uncut natural fibers that are sourced 100% cruelty-free
  • Uses brass ferrules to hold the bristles and sturdy hornbeam wood for the handles

Price: $148 per set. The brushes will go on individual sale in late May, pending availability.
Photo credit: Beautylish

 Wayne Goss, The Eye Set Review & "City Smokey" Tutorial using Naked 2 Palette
  1. Brush #17 is perfect for applying all-over color using powders or creams, as well as highlighting under the brow. This brush is larger than most eyeshadow brushes and can pack on lots of color, saving time and cutting application in half. I love it for its super fine edge and sturdy bristles that create a clean, sharp line -- great for cleaning up the brows. 
    • I'm using Naked 2 Palette "Foxy" eyeshadow to highlight and clean up my brow bone area.
  2. Brush #16 is a multi-task brush and is absolutely essential for smokey eye makeup. This large, dome shaped brush is my favorite for adding a "halo" transition above the crease as well as  for blending. I can't believe I ever lived without it!
    • I'm applying "Tease" eyeshadow to the crease using windshield wiper motions, then cleaning the brush and blending the color upwards, using small circular motions.
  3. Brush #19 is the quintessential crease brush that is small enough for even my barely-there lids. The tip of the brush creates the finest crease line with the most natural gradation. I can't get over how soft, yet sturdy this brush is!
    • I'm applying "Busted" eyeshadow directly to my natural crease (fold) using a few windshield wiper strokes.
  4. Brush #20 is the perfect pencil brush and is great for lining, sharpening, detailing or cut-creasing. I love it for detailing the "outer v" portion of the eye and lining the lower lash line.
    • I'm applying "Blackout" eyeshadow to the "outer v" and blending it with the crease shadows. Next, I'm mixing the remainder of what's on my brush with "Tease" eyeshadow and lightly lining the entire lower lash line for a smokey effect.
  5. Brush #18 is a smaller version of #17 and is perfect for those with smaller lids or for detailing on larger lids. I love to use it for packing on my lid color, especially shimmery shadows. The thicker fibers of this brush pick up more pigment, yielding little to no fallout.
    • I'm applying "Verve" eyeshadow to the blank portion of my lid and also using the fine edge to outline the inner corner.
  6. To complete the look, I'm lining the top lash line with NYX the Curve liner, adding mascara and applying Huda Beauty "Monique" lashes.
"City Smokey" for a City Gal :)
Purse: Izzy & Ally from SocialBliss "The Style Box"
Heels: Asos 


Maryam Maquillage

Photos & Video by: Lee World (merci!)


Maryam Maquillage © 2011-2014.


  1. So gorgeous!!! As always! And the brushes... they're simply -- LOVE!!!

  2. Omg super bella pero nunca podré comprar ese set de brochas

  3. Love it! My Naked 2 needs some love... Will try this combination :)


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