Thursday, December 19, 2013

NAKED 3 Tutorial: "Rosy Smokey"

Well hello my beauties!! The NAKED 3 Palette is officially here and is back in stock today on Urban Decay's website. Here's my first look using the Naked 3 and below is the tutorial :))


Naked 3 Palette Tutorial :)
  1. Prime the lid with Urban Decay primer potion in Sin (champagne).
  2. Using the flat side of the included brush, apply Buzz (rose) over the outer lid and Trick (gold) over the inner lid, patting on the color.
  3. Using the tip of the fluffy brush, apply Nooner (matte plum) to the crease and blend out with Limit (matte beige / pink).
  4. Apply Darkside (satin gray plum) to the outer v and lower lash line using a stiff pointed crease brush.
  5. Apply Dust (shimmery pale pink) to the inner corner.
  6. Line the top lash line with a black liquid liner and extend the wing. Rim the waterline with a waterproof liner of your choice (I chose brown to match my eye color). Apply lashes and mascara.

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Maryam Maquillage


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  1. Replies
    1. Check out youtube for Ud dupes! Why spend $50 on it when you can get drugstore dup that is exactly the same?

    2. Actually if you added up 12 diff. colors of cover-girl... it'd be roughly $60. This comes with a professional brush & a sample packet. It will last me almost all year, and only cost me $52.

    3. I got my UD on ebay & it only cost me $22!! Check all options before paying the whole $50

  2. perfect look, I am still waiting for my Naked 3, but it is on the way :)

  3. Cute eye makeup...if only my brows were looking like that...mine look so crazy lol...gotta pluck when I get home.

  4. This is so stunning & those lashes are to DIE for!! I so don't need this palette, but i want!!

  5. NAKED eye art is indeed fascinating & stunning !

  6. Gorgeous! These shades are perfect for you!

  7. This tutorial made me even more excited for this palette! I'm waiting for Christmas to get it... driving me insane :)

  8. Gorgeous. I'm not interested in the palette but now I want to buy it!

  9. I love the shape of your eyes! They're so gorgeous! :) This look really compliments your eye color as well. ^,^

  10. Beautiful! Can you please tell us what you used on your eyebrows? Thanks!

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