Sunday, April 17, 2011

Honey Child

Salut cheries!!

Today's maquillage features my latest eyeshadow obsession: Honey by Urban Decay. Of course I own the deluxe shadow box palette that it comes in, but I also recently purchased the single shadow because I love it that much! If you're looking for a perfect gold eyeshadow that is not too bronze-y or too yellow, this is your winner! The quality of this product is absolutely incredible... The texture is silky smooth and there's virtually no fallout with these Urban Decay deluxe shadows. I love them, I am totally obsessed with Urban Decay makeup, and am not even paid to say this! (but I wish I was :)

Check out the rest of the face

On my skin, I'm wearing Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 140. The color is a bit too pink for my forehead, but works fine on my cheeks. I also have 170 for the summertime and sometimes I blend them together for a better match. This is a full coverage foundation.

Other Products: Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow on my sleepy lids, Clinique cream liner in True Black, and NYX lipliner in soft brown. My nail polish is Donna Mite by Brucci Nail Harder.




  1. The eyeshadow is so pretty!

    I really want Honey :)

  2. Maryam thank you so much for commenting on my pictures you really make me happy every day, your are so sweet and...You are such an artist, I love that eyeshadow and I wish I had time enough to work out my make up that good.

    I think we just work with different kinds of pencils but, pencils anyways huh? hahaha

    big kisses from Spain, and I hope to see you soon by

  3. that colour is soooooooo pretty! Looks gorgeous x

  4. the make-up is stunning !!;);)

  5. You look gorgeous... i really like the colour plate!!


  6. Hello. Salam. I became very happy when I saw your comment on my Turkic family blog. Are you Bashkort? This is wonderful.

  7. You can visit and follow my other blogs. I am sure that you will like them. Thank you, Rehmet!

  8. Love that gold color! You look like a trophy! xo style, she wrote

  9. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog, and yep not many followers yet, but hopefully i should get more soon i mean i am new and all, and im just giving my personal views and what ive learned in my time as a mua!!


  10. Кррррасотаааааа!!!!

  11. Beautiful, love your look!

    New follower ♥
    Care to check out my blog?

  12. Love the eye liner, I can never get it right!! Sooo pretty


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