Friday, April 1, 2011

Makeup Foolishness

Salut darlings!!!

Hope you haven't been fooled too harshly :)) For today's post, I decided to look up some faux-pas du maquillage worn by our favorite celebs and feature them in honor of April Fool's Day. Since we've all made makeup mistakes, I've chosen celebrities who typically have more makeup hits than misses. I'll go in detail and explain what's wrong with each look and give a few pointers that will help us all avoid making the same errors. If you happen to like these looks, do us all a favor and save them for Halloween please :))


Maryam Maquillage

Here's a quick preview of Miss Beyonce being beautiful (left)
and featuring the white face (right)...


Makeup Faux-Pas #1: Orange Skin

One does not have to come from the Jersey Shore to go overboard with the bronzer. Even beauties like Catherine Zeta-Jones are susceptible to making this makeup mistake.

While the canvas is overwhelmed with product, the masterpiece is missing as her features are left surprisingly bare. With her skin so shiny and overworked, it seems as though Ms. Catherine is either badly sun-burned or recovering from a major chemical peel. Not a good look for the red carpet...

The Problem: Shimmery bronzers tend to emphasize uneven skin surfaces and enlarged pores, particularly when used in the t-zone area.

The Solution: Sticking to a matte bronzer around the contours of her face would have given Catherine the bronzing effect she was going for minus the grease pan. Applying some mineral foundation and translucent finishing powder on the t-zone area would have given her a healthier complexion and a more even surface. Finishing with a brighter lip, perhaps coral or peach, and filling in the brows would have taken this look from puffy to parfait. 

I love me some JLo, but I am not loving JLo's orange glow... 

The Problem: Spray tanning plus bronzer equals  older looking skin. Shimmery bronzers highlight wrinkles, while pale lips make the skin look even more orange and fake in comparison.

The Solution: Pick one, either the spray tan or the bronzing powder, but never ever both. Add some peachy blush to the apples of the cheeks and a brighter pout. We forgive you JLo...

Makeup Faux-Pas #2: Eye-Bag Lady

Who's that lady?? Is it Eva Longoria or the White Stripes? Wowzers...

The Problem: CONCEALER OVERLOAD!!! (in a shade that's 7 times lighter than her skin tone)

The Solution: Please, please, please, pick your under eye concealer with the help of a professional, and make sure this professional isn't blind. The rest of Eva's face is flawless, but the concealer just seems like a bad joke. 

Here we have another eye-bag lady, also Eva, but Mendes this time, who decided to skip sleep and forego under eye concealer altogether. 

The Problem: Puffy, tired, overworked and hungover looking eyes. Another winner for the red carpet...

The Solution: Beauty rest, perhaps? Also, tea bags, potato halves, cold water and de-puffing eye gel -- all of which help reduce puffiness. Then, some concealer, blush and rouge minus the eyeliner. Bringing more attention to tired eyes will not make them look less tired. In fact, harsh liner makes the eyes stand out, which is great if your eyes are well rested. If not, it will only work against you by "underlining" the bags. Instead, she should have opted for a soft brown smokey shadow to give her eyes some depth rather than precision. A bolder lip and blush would have brought a bit more life to her complexion. 

I've been there, Eva... I feel ya.

Makeup Faux-Pas #3: Raccoon Eyes 
I like raccoon eyes... Raccoons are cute and fluffy, from what I hear...
The Problem: Pretty self-explanatory I think... 

The Solution: Just say no, unless you like looking like a skeleton.

Happy April Fools!!!


Maryam Maquillage


  1. the white makeup thing has an explanation...

    Apparently it's makeup designed specifically for HDTV, and looks great on tv, but the second there is flash and photography, you get that hot mess.

  2. the "perfect makeup" has to be designed for the day light (or sunlight). Designing for HDTV is a bogus. :-0

  3. Thanks Chrissy-poo!!!

    Yes, HDTV makeup formulas and techniques need to be reevaluated... esp. for celebs who are always being photographed :)))

  4. LOL good to know celebs sometime get it wrong! xx

  5. she is so not cute lighter, she looks much better bronze

  6. Beyonce's 'white face' makes her look so much older in that photo.

  7. OMG... She does look so much older!

  8. Nice to know celebs get it wrong sometimes too!

  9. Love this blog! I love reading faux pas, they're hilarious <3!

  10. Wow, these were some "pretty" make-up fauxs :D
    Love your blog and beauty tips :D
    I'm a new follower, would u please follow back?
    Hope you like my blog, it's:
    -X- Eva

  11. Thats a funny one! esp Raccoon eyes! Did not they see themselves in a mirror? I can not believe these looks!


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