Thursday, April 14, 2011

JLo on Idol

Hola amigas y amigos,

Today's post is dedicated to the maquillage of Jennifer Lopez, as observed by moi on American Idol. As some of you may know, I'm a fan of JLo; not necessarily because of her music and movies, but simply because I like her image and her looks. It seems to me that she's one of just a few celebs who's been keeping her plastic surgery to a minimum. I speculate that she's gone under the knife a handful of times (perhaps some botox and fillers), but she's been careful not to let it drastically alter her appearance, so I applaud that. In her industry, she's going about it the right way... and as much as we all may be against it, it's her job to look amazing and defy aging.

As I've been watching Idol, I've been studying JLo's face and taking careful notes aka screen captions of the makeup looks she's worn. Of course, I'll be trying some of these out, so please let me know which ones you like and want to see duplicated. Here are my 10 favorite "Jennifer Lopez on American Idol" makeup looks:

1. Modernized Retro Glam: Sculpted eyes and heavy brows

2. Shimmery Glow: Pearly eyes and lips

3. Sultry Starlet: Wine shadow and nails

4. Sleek Cat-Eye: Smokey shadow & bushy lashes

5. Wicked Cool: Black shadow & nude lips

6. Shiny Star: Glittery smokey eyes

7. Green Bling: Chi-Ching 

8. Diva Divine: Plum shadow, cheek and lip

9. Classic Doll: Red lips and nails

10. The Mermaid: Aqua eyes & pale lips (my favorite!!!)

She looks amazing, doesn't she? Makeup truly creates magic... Her makeup artist really knows how to play up her features and make them look spectacular! Here's JLo, sans maquillage, looking very human and normal and still beautiful :)

Here's my attempt to look like JLo, check out the tutorial Maryam La Lopez


Maryam Maquillage

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