Sunday, April 10, 2011

Starry Eyed Christen

Salut les filles :)

Today's post will be featuring my belle amie Christen as the muse and her starry eyes as mon maquillage du jour. I love applying makeup on my friends, it's fun and can be done over wine and girl talk!!! Hooray :)

This look was inspired by none other than Christen herself, I wanted to play up her beautiful luscious features with a quick and easy Glam makeup look.

Scroll through for more pictures of my lovely muse, read on for all the cosmetics/products that I used, and check out the step by step tutorial if you're interested in replicating this starry eyed maquillage.

P. S. As an added bonus, see (and hear) how this Star really shines by following the link at the end. I promise you'll be amazed!!


To achieve Christen's Starry Eyed makeup look, I used the following products:

  1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
  2. Rimmel 4 color quad in Smokey Noir (eyebrows)
  3. Coastal Scents Bronzer in Dark
  4. MAC mineralized blush in Earth to Earth
  5. Clinique cream liner in True Black
  6. NYX lipliner in Plush Red
  7. CoverGirl Incredifull lipstick in Maximum Red
  8. L'Oréal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black
* brushes and foundation excluded

Makeup How-To: 

SKIN: Chrissy's skin doesn't need much, so I didn't do much to it. I love the texture of her skin, so I wanted to emphasize that by highlighting her cheekbones and giving her skin a subtle overall glow. I used a shimmery Coastal Scents bronzer on the sides of her forehead and also as a blush on the apples of her cheeks. Then, I highlighted with a purply MAC mineralized blush just on the tops of her cheekbones.

Tip: Using a shimmery bronzer on dark skin will give it a healthy natural glow and can double as a blush. If your skin is oily, keep the shimmery bronzers and highlighters away from the t-zone and stick to just the contours of the face, as I did on Chrissy.

EYEBROWS: I used an angled brush to fill in the brows with a charcoal gray shadow and extended them upwards towards her temples. I'm a sucker for long, thick dark brows, and I think Chrissy is now sold too ;)

Tip: Extending the eyebrows upwards creates an instant face-lift, not that she needs one, but I think it goes perfectly with her natural cat eye. meow :)

EYES: Christen's eyes sit on her face at an angle, which is so cute and cat-like so... again, I was inspired to draw attention to this unique feature. 
  1. I primed her eyes with a primer to create a base for the shadows to stick to
  2. Taking a shimmery black eyeshadow (Creep) on a flat stiff brush, I packed it on her lid, leaving the inner third blank.
  3. Next, I cleaned the brush and packed a gunmetal eyeshadow (Gunmetal) to the empty inner third of her lid, as well as to the inner corner and a bit under the inner lash line. See pic.
  4. With a fluffy dome shaped brush or contouring brush, I applied a soft brown shadow (Buck) all over the crease and up to the brow. Using circular motions, I softened the harsh edge of the black shadow, blending it with the brown. Tip: This color is close to her skin tone, so the transition between the black shadow and her skin becomes more natural.
  5. Taking a pale shimmery eyeshadow (Virgin), I applied it just to the inner corner of her eye, to brighten up the gunmetal and directly under the high point of her brow and blended it with Buck.
  6. Next, I lined underneath her lower lash line using a black gel liner, making it thicker in the outer corner and created an exaggerated cat eye liner on the top lash line.
  7. I finished by applying two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

THE LIPS must be red to frame such white teeth and a gorgeous smile :D Voila!

As an added bonus, Fix Your Face by Maryam Maquillage is proud to share with you a video of Christen singing "Let It Be" for the Avon Voices competition. Check it out and vote for this Starry Eyed Starlet on the Avon website!!! Also, get to know Christen at her blog C. Satchelle. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!


Maryam Maquillage


  1. i love this look the red lips are so beautiful!!!

  2. the make up is amazing fits to you perfectly ;)

  3. thanks girls, I had so much fun applying makeup on such a beautiful model :)))

  4. Really pretty, both the make up and Christen.

  5. I love the naked palette!

    You did a great job with her makeup.

  6. and on top of all she can sing ]]]

  7. Wow, she looks gorgeous! I love love love the red lips!! It can be hard to do makeup on other people, but a beautiful model makes it easy. ;)

  8. wow u look fabulous!
    cute blog!!
    followed u,hope u follow me back<3

  9. thanks!! @emily, yes a beautiful model makes it quite easy indeed!!!


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