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LIP ART 101 with SweetPea & Fay

Salut mes amis! Did the above collage make you smile? I hope so, cuz that's what I was aiming for :) Today's product review has several tutorials and is special because it is featuring what is probably my most favorite product of the year. I'm talkin' about SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics Artisan Crafted Liquid Lipsticks, appropriately named "J'Adore Les Levres" because these babies truly adorn the lips and dress 'em up in love!

Two-Tone Lips, Gradients & Ombrés -- Bring on the Lip Art!

SweetPea & Fay "J'Adore Les Levres" hand-crafted liquid lipsticks come in 20 stunning shades, covering everything from wearable neutrals to over-the-top brights and sultry vamps to sorbets & pastels. These lippies are highly pigmented, easy to mix and smell just like cupcakes! The formula of the product is thicker than most liquid lipsticks, and the consistency is similar to that of cake frosting. The product can be applied straight from the tube, but I find it easiest to use a lip brush. The smallest amount of lip product is needed to achieve full coverage, though some colors do require more coats, while others do better with less. This is a slight inconsistency, but the colors really make up for it! 

Left to Right (matching the order of the tubes in the above pic):
  • Tea Cups (pale pink with neon notes) -- excellent consistency and wear. This color appears very light on my medium tan skin tone and would probably look best on lighter skin tones. I wouldn't wear it alone, but I'd definitely mix it with a darker pink to create an ombré effect.
  • Nordic (gray-blue matte) -- this unique shade is one of my favorites. It is one of the creamiest of all the colors and is surprisingly flattering. Nordic would go so well with an "Ice Queen" makeup look.
  • Crazy Cab (yellow with a slight gold sheen) -- requires more coats than the other colors for complete opaque coverage. This is a really fun stand-alone shade and can be mixed or combined with tons of other colors to create the ultimate lip art!
  • Yeti (neon blue) -- another favorite, this über creamy shade really packs a punch! Yeti is the brightest and the funkiest shade of the bunch :)
  • Beluga (soft neon peach) -- excellent consistency and wear, this stunner of a shade is bright, wearable and flattering, especially on tan skin tones. I can't wait to wear Beluga all day every day come spring-time!
  • Ukulele (cool mauve nude) -- this shade is described as a pastel pink/purple, but looks more like a nude on me. I absolutely adore this color and I'd wear it any day with a dramatic eye makeup. Oh wait, I already have :) Ukulele has a thicker consistency, so the finish looks more like a traditional lipstick.
  • Imogen (bright raspberry pink) -- I can't think of a person that this lip color wouldn't look great on. Imogen is a gorgeous pink that can be worn during the day or at night. This color is really fresh and youthful and if I could recommend just one SweetPea & Fay lippie, Imogen would be it.

For $8 a pop, a makeup junkie could totally afford to get the entire collection!

On To The LIP ART!

1. Two-Tone Lips
For this Two-Tone lip look, I chose two colors that are similar in terms of brightness and saturation. I am wearing Beluga on my top lip and Imogen on my bottom lip. From afar, this look almost appears as a top-to-bottom gradient because the neon factor in Beluga reflects off the bottom lip. I don't know about you, but this popsicle combo really makes me thirst for summer!

To achieve this look, I used a lip brush to outline my top and bottom lips with the chosen shades and filled in the rest using the product straight from the tube.

2. Left-to-Right Gradient Lip Art
Ombrés and Gradients on the lips are the current obsession and I've featured quite a few of them in my previous posts. For this look, I attempted a cotton-candy hued left-to-right gradient inspired by a makeup created by Sergey Ostrikov here. I must add, SweetPea & Fay liquid lipsticks are some of the best medium for achieving ombrés because they are so-ridiculously-easy to mix and blend. 

For this look, I used Tea Cups and Yeti and applied the two colors to the opposite corners of my mouth. Next, I mixed the two shades on the back of my hand to create the gorgeous lavender shade you see in the center of my mouth. I applied everything using a lip brush and blended out the transitions. Voila!

3. "Mellow Yellow" Lip Art
This color really made me smile, so I absolutely had to make it smile back. I just had to. For this lip art, I applied a few coats of Crazy Cab, then dotted on the "eyes" with a nail art dotting tool using Lime Crime uniliner in Quill (which dries up solid), and painted on the smiley with an eyeliner brush.

As you can see, the creative possibilities with these SweetPea & Fay Artisan Crafted Liquid Lipsticks are endless. All of these are gorgeous stand-alone shades and can also be mixed to create custom colors or colorful lip art. Check out Ukulele & Nordic, below. Nordic was hard to photograph, so I eliminated flash to present it as close to true-to-life as possible.

Here's a "Brady Bunch" collage of moi wearing the following (clockwise from top left): Beluga, Tea Cups, Imogen and Nordic. The photos were snapped in various natural lighting settings.
Keep glued for my review of SweetPea & Fay Strangely Wearable Blush Collection -- Wait Till You See Those!!! In the meantime, check out: 

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Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


  1. How would you say these compare to the OCC lip tars?

    1. Great question! OCC lip tars are thinner, so I wouldn't call them similar. These are thicker and have a glossier, more opaque finish.

  2. Such fun designs ^^ Gorgeous and vibrant colours, never heard of this brand so thanks a lot for sharing it Maryam :) xx

    1. Thank you honey! Check it out, you won't be disappointed :))

  3. awsome colors. You'r lips is perfect :)

  4. I love the Beluga and Imogen combo! It looks wearable in real life as well :)

  5. dude, your talent is unbelievable.

  6. Love me a bold statement lip. Im going to have to try a 2 tone lip soon. Wonderful post lovely:) xx

  7. I love how you did the lip ombre! I'm so tempted to try these.

  8. How fun, loving the lip art ;)

  9. I like the Gradient Lips. It looks so nice :)

  10. super pretty.. love the gradient lips ^^

  11. Wooooooooow! :D I really love this post!! Ur lips are amazing!! And these products are just ahhhh <3 :d

  12. Gorgeous pictures! I love Yeti and Musidora! Here are my posts about them:


  13. Great colours :-)


  14. Wow, your lip art is absolutely fantastic!

    Emily Jane xo

  15. Gorgeous!! I really love all of these!

  16. can I say this? You look amazing with those lips art! I'm so jealous. Btw, I love all of your colours choice! I will buy this brand if they do ship internationally to Malaysia. hahah thank you for this great post! I really like this post! Making me smile.

  17. These look amazing! I've just ordered a couple of the sleek pout paint's so I can't wait to try the gradient look with the blue... No idea how they would compare to these, though!

  18. Wow these do look good! Love the lip art too! Yellow one has to be my fave.


  19. I really love the colours! They look similar to OCC Lip Tars but they are a much better deal.

  20. Geez... you are so beautiful. and talented!!! xo

  21. LOL your yellow smiley art made my day!


  22. Hi,
    I have bought several lipsticks including Imogen but I was surprised to see that the lipstick is very thick and matte. I was expecting to have the same glossy effect as on your photos. Did you use a lip balm before and a gloss after to have this shine?

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question. Yes, as I mentioned in the review, these lipsticks are thicker than most liquid lipsticks, and go on fairly matte. I definitely prepped my lips with a lip balm (I do this for every single lip application and brand), but I didn't use any gloss on top. The glossy effect you're referring to is probably a reflection of the flash, but as you can see in my face shots, the lips look quite matte. I suggest you try wearing them matte and if you'd like a more glossy finish, mix it with a bit of vaseline. Hope this helps :))


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