Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purple spLASHes

Bonjour mes amis :)

Some of you may have probably been wondering why I've been swaying away from my original topic of makeup/beauty and posting stuff about my friends' musical achievements. Not to reveal too much, but music, art and performing arts are a huge passion of mine, and I have been in the arts my entire life. Both my parents are artists, as well as most of my friends that I met in high school--the FAME school in New York City. I definitely plan on revisiting this topic in the future and perhaps even post a video or two of my own artistic endeavors, so stay tuned! :) For today, I'll stick to beauty and maquillage.

Today's post is featuring my makeup of the day or maquillage du jour, starring moi and some newly acquired cosmetic products. Let me know what you think of my purple spLASHes ::wink wink::

Read more for products & more pix :)

Since discovering these awesomely bright pop color mascaras a few months ago, I've been obsessing over LA Splash mascaras and have been going back to the store to purchase a new color every week. So far, I've built a small private collection of mascaras with my most recent addition being this purple number in "Purple Splash". I've been looking for the right purple mascara for some time... most are either too aubergine or too deep; this one, however, fits all of my desired criteria. It's bright, it's truly purple and it's very wearable. The picture of the actual product is tiny because I took it from Ulta's website, but you can see the color pretty clear on my lashes. Don't they look funky?! I'm excited! Wish I had longer lashes though... hehe

eye open with flash
eye closed, no flash
paired with neutral pinkish-gray eyeshadow
the rest of me
my miniature gun

If you liked Purple spLASHes, check out Teal spLASHes and Pop spLASHes for a review of other LA Splash mascara colors from my collection ;)


Maryam Maquillage

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