Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeup BFFs

Salut chicas!!!

Today's post is another glimpse into my life through the lens of beauty and makeup. Here's a pic of me and my bestie Larissa (I call her Larry) at her baby shower last Sunday... hope you like our maquillage :D P. S. First thing she asked me when I got there was whether I approved her skills lol... (pshh I kinda liked her makeup better than mine!)

Read on for more details :)

Maryam's Maquillage: 

giving the ultimate side eye and raised eyebrow

On mis ojos, I'm using all Urban Decay shadows as always: Grifter on the lid, Ransom on the outer corner, Polyester Bride on the inner corner, Naked in the trasition b/w shadow and brow and Shattered under the bottom lash line. Grifter, Shattered and Polyester Bride can be found in the Ammo Palette.

Lash accents from Ardell

Larry's Maquillage:

gets the Maryam Maquillage seal of approval :)

I'm not exactly sure which shadows she used, but it seems as though there was some liquid liner involved in the process hehe... I particularly like the glitter on the bottom, it really brings out the whites of the eyes and makes them pop.

♡♥❤ My besties ❤♥♡


Maryam Maquillage 




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