Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy Day Makeup Fix

Salut les filles :)

How many of you are from the NY/NJ area and are sick and tired of the humid grayness we've been experiencing? ::Raises hand:: This weather is cute for 2 days and 2 days only... any longer than that, it makes me want to chop off my frizzy hair and curl up under my sheets until its all over. Unfortunately, I can't afford to curl up and lemons must be turned into lemonade :) Anyway, here's my makeup attempt to brighten up a very gray rainy day...
P. S. it worked!

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On my lippies, I'm wearing my favorite "brightening" lipstick--Niagara by Nars. I love the pinkish coral shade for every day and think its perfect for most skin tones. This color is complicated and I don't know of any dupes, so to me, that quality makes it worth every penny (plus its very pigmented, goes on smooth and smells divine) 

On my eyes, I'm using 3 Urban Decay shadows from the Naked palette: Sidecar on the lid, Buck in the crease, and Virgin in the inner corner. My liner is Clinique cream liner in True Black, as always, and the pix were taken before I applied my mascara. For rainy days, I like to keep my eye makeup somewhat neutral with a bit of a sparkle or shimmer to bounce off the raindrops. In this case, the Sidecar eyeshadow, a metallic taupe-y beige with gold glitter, acts as a tiny mirror reflecting the light and playing up the lids. Perfect for gloomy weather I tell ya, especially when paired with a warm-hued smile :)
Smile because you WANT TO
NOT because you have to mwa-ha-ha

How do you fix your rainy days?


Maryam Maquillage

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