Friday, May 13, 2011

From Vintage Barb to Barbarella

Salut everyone!

Is Blogger finally back to normal? I apologize to all of you whose comments were deleted... I'm as confused as you are...

Anyway... I've got a lot of material to share, so I'll start with my latest maquillage du jour and coiffure du jour (makeup & hairstyle of the day), voila!

Vintage Barbie = Daytime makeup & hair for the office a la Mad Men :)

The Look: Simple, almost natural blushing makeup with a hint of color and retro "good-girl" hair to match. I was going for sweet & innocent... did I pull it off?

Read more for products, directions, etc.

For the eyes, I used: an iridescent pink/lavender eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid (from a Russian palette similar to the 88 palette); Urban Decay Half Baked (gold) shadow for the outer half of the lid (Naked palette); UD Buck (matte brown) shadow for the crease and under the lash line (Naked palette); UD Virgin (shimmery pale pink) shadow for the highlight under the brow and inner corner (Naked palette). I used Clinique cream liner in True Black to line my eyes, as always.

On my lips, I'm wearing MAC Amplified Creme lipstick in Profusion. I apply this formula by dotting it on and blotting away the excess. With bright amplified creme lipsticks, I go for a wash of color, otherwise it's too overpowering for my little lippies.

Hair: This hairstyle is best on day old hair... mine was more like 2 days old. I don't like to wash my hair often because of the obvious blah blah blah, so I'm always looking for styles and ideas for unwashed tresses :) OK, so here's what I did:

  1. I pinned my hair up in a bun (20 minutes or so) while doing my makeup to create the slight wave.
  2. Next, I parted my hair on the side that I find flattering and separated my super long bangs.
  3. Using a comb, I teased underneath the long bangs for a bit of volume.
  4. Taking the smaller piece (my left) I twisted it behind the ear and secured with a small clasp.
  5. Taking the bigger piece (my right) I clipped it over the rest of the hair that was falling naturally.
  6. Last, I sprayed some medium hold hairspray over the bangs and the crown to lock the hair in place.
The clips that I used are from H&M and go for just under $3. There are 12 in a pack, so this is practically a giveaway. I love these because they're so small that they're almost invisible; yet they open wide, so they can grab more hair that you'd think! I wouldn't use them to pin up a bun, but for bangs and smaller pieces, these are perfect :)

By the end of the day, I grew tired of my retro good girl image, so I unpinned the hair, took off the lace cover-up and went to Sephora to try on some lipsticks (I had a melancholy day, so I needed to treat the heartache). On a brighter note, I found my new favorite lipstick--Barbarella by Nars, though I didn't buy it. I hate the fluorescent lighting at Sephora, and b/c it was dark out, I couldn't really see whether the color was flattering or not. So, I decided to leave it on and come home to take a pic.  

Here I am pouting at myself in the mirror & looking a little deranged...

The Nars website describes Barbarella as a sheer pretty peach, but I see it more as a coral. I like how it looks and I could always use more pretty peaches and corals in my life, sooo... I think I'm gonna go snatch me up some Barbarella. What do you think? Anyone know of any dupes before I go spend $24? Thanks ladies ;)

From vintage Barbie to Barbarella


Maryam Maquillage

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