Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bang Bangs

Hey guys,

So I'm thinking of getting bangs... please help me decide from the following celebrity hairstyles :)) Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Danke! Спасибо!

The front runner: Hillary Duff

Read more for more choices...

The Heidi--choppy bangs

J. Alba--the only brunette bangs I like

J. Lo--full feathered bangs

Nicole Richie--long and side-swept

If you have any suggestions of your own, please suggest away :)) Thanks a million!!! Oh, and as a reference, this is what my hair and I look like:


Maryam Maquillage


  1. Seeing these pictures makes me want to cut mine!
    But, its winter here in South Africa and would be a nightmare to maintain!

    I LOVE Jessica Alba's, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie's bangs!
    I think you should get it cut a bit shorter to wear as side swept and then decide if you want to go shorter.

    I'm pretty 100% sure any style would suit you!


  2. I think Heidi's choppy bangs would look great on you :)


  3. I think you should go with side swept bangs, they suit everyone! :) I'm sure they'd look fab on you

  4. I think you have similar features to Nicole Richie and her hairstyle would look great on you ;) what's more you have beautiful, long hair it'd be a loss to cut them ! ;)

  5. you have similar cheekbones as JLo, so may be her bangs?

  6. I say Jessica Alba's.

  7. JLos or side swept!! I had bangs for a while but they were too high maintenance as my hair as a natural kink that i hate LOL but thankfully they grew out fast but I would say start with longer ones to get used to them first then possibly go shorter xx

  8. I got myself some bangs toooo?? S2..... N I love JLo's, Jessica alba and Hilary's bangs:)

  9. I think you will look gorgeous with Jlo feather bangs.. I think...^__^ always looks lovely with or without a bang. ^__^

  10. i like hillary duff! check also zooey dechanel's hair!


  11. Really nice blog!! :D

    Louise Cecilie //

  12. honestly you have a really nice face shape and features so you could probably pull anything off. however i feel that nicole richie's sideswept bangs would be most flattering on you.

  13. I like how Jlo's and Hilary's bangs are versatile and you can sweep them to the side if you like, that way its two styles rolled into one. I've had bangs before and it's nice having ones like that where you can play around with it

  14. mmmm.....such a personal decision! anyway I like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie's style!

  15. wow thanks for all your input ladies!!! let's see, so far i have:

    10 for JLo (2 from FB)
    7 for Hillary (2 from FB)
    7 for Nicole Richie
    4 for Jessica Alba
    1 for Heidi
    1 for Zooey Deschanel

  16. bangs would look GREAT on you :) can't wait to see them on you

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  18. i'm obsessd with nicole richie!!!!!!

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