Monday, May 30, 2011

Teal Appeal

Joyeux les sunny-days!

It is beautiful out! Come to New York and experience the best weekend of the year--Memorial Day weekend aka the beginning of summer and beach season! I've been safely catching some sun rays in the park by my house and already have a slight tan happening. I bronze über quickly and most of my friends say that I look like a different person in the summer, which is probably true because I feel like a different person. I swear I wasn't meant to live in cold weather and I would easily go without snow for the rest of my life if I could.

Beauty-wise, summer season means less is more, and though I generally like to follow that tradition, I also get really excited to wear bright colors for a change. I love how poppy colors bounce off a nice fresh tan and make everything seem so cheery and fun. Today's maquillage du jour is a two-in-one, featuring my favorite summer color--TEAL with two ways to wear it on a hot summer day and/or night. Hope you like my interpretation :)

Daytime Teal

Read more for more pix, Evening Teal maquillage, products, etc.

Look #1

DAYTIME TEAL: Keep the eyeshadow below your crease and concentrate the color on the center of the lid. Play up the bright shadow with a more subdued one, like grape purple or forest green. I like the purple and teal combo because the purple adds warmth while the teal keeps the look fresh and cool. Finish the look with a neutral lip like a pale purplish pink gloss.

GET THE LOOK: Start with a primer. I used NYX white base and applied it onto my lid with my finger.
  1. With a flat brush, apply the teal shadow using patting motions
  2. Using a purple shadow on a stiff round brush, blend out the teal right above the crease using windshield wiper motions (this will blend the colors together)
  3. Clean the round brush and use the same technique to blend out the purple
  4. Apply a highlighter shadow to the inner corner
  5. Line the top lash line, curl lashes and apply mascara

I generally don't like to match my makeup to my clothes, but there are a few exceptions... teal is one of them, if you use the color in moderation (as I did on my eyes)

Products Used: Teal from NYX Haute Model Palette; Urban Decay Fishnet e/s; NYX lipgloss in mauve; Clinique cream liner in True Black; L'Oréal Telescopic mascara

Look #2

NIGHT TEAL: More is more. If you want the color to be noticeable, apply it generously :) I used an iridescent pearly highlighter to balance the bright all over color and played it down with clear gloss on the lippies. I essentially used the same color combo, but this time the teal is the focal point.

GET THE LOOK: Start by priming your lids with a primer.
  1. Apply the teal shadow all over your lid, sweeping the color up and outwards
  2. Blend out the harsh edges using a clean stiff round brush
  3. Highlight under your brow and in the inner corner using a pearly lavender shadow and blend it with the teal
  4. Line your top lash line and extend the wing towards the outer corner of your eyebrow
  5. Apply mascara to the bottom lashes and add falsies on top

Dramatic lashes and exaggerated liner help define the eye


Maryam Maquillage



  1. You look stunning and I love the makeup looks :) <3

  2. Absolutely fantastic!
    You're an inspiration!!




  4. Blue looks better to you, than me :p
    I love your freckles!!! :P

  5. very pretty and fresh, bright colors suit you well :) nice choice of colors


  6. love the color,

    its me
    for some reason, blogger wont let me comment =(

  7. Both of your looks are gorgeous. I especially love the first one. =)


  8. I love both looks, especially the first one! Teal is SUCH a pretty color!!

  9. I love both looks and you look sooo pretty. I love the freckles on your face.

  10. Gorgeous looks! I love both, but I reaaly love the teal and purple look! The colors looks so great together.

  11. i love your make-up looks, wish i was abit more talented in the make-up department, haha!


  12. I love all of your looks. You, as usual, look absolutely stunning.

    You have the most perfect bone structure haha.


  13. OMG yes! I am so happy it's finally warm here in New York! look so pretty! Love the makeup!

  14. thanks so much for your lovely comments everyone :))) oxoxox

  15. Both looks are gorgeous <3 the first is my fave though, such a great colour combo <3

  16. The first look is amazing for spring!

  17. such beautiful makeup!! i love how the 1st one compliments your shirt color!! and the secnd one is so soft and pretty!!

  18. such a beautiful color on your eyes! it sparkles!! I love it!!! Happy Memorial Day!
    you look gorgeous!!!

  19. really love those colors, great job! and you have such a perfect skin =)

  20. great look, i like look 2 for day time and look one for a night look~~~~you look gorgeous btw~~~

  21. in love with both these looks! you are so pretty! that lip and eye combo in the first look is colorful and bold but not too in your face. I LOVE it!

  22. wow you look so pretty and your blog is great! :)

    i follow you..hope you follow back ;) <3

  23. very pretty make up; love it ! :) x

  24. Looove it!!!

    New lovely post on my blog: Vacation finally came!!!

    Kisses from pepa:X


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