Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stained Glass Nails

Hola darlings :)

Today's post is all about fun, bright and carefree nails. I was going to show you my current bright yellow manicure, but after receiving a nail pic from my friend Kenya, I decided to save mine for another day. Hers were way more immaculate than mine and simply too fabulous not to share with the world!!! Here they are, tell me they don't remind you of beautifully crafted art deco stained glass windows?! :)

At first I thought Sally Hansen made another sticker design, but knowing the creative and detailed Miss Kenya, I quickly realized this was all her doing! She really inspired me and now I want to remove my yellow polish and start all over!!!

Check out the rest :D

The Bunny Ears ;)

If you don't have a nail pen or a fine nail brush, this may be a little difficult to recreate, so I won't attempt it until I get my Sally Hansen nail art brush in Black. What was I thinking? I should've purchased these eons ago!! :D


Maryam Maquillage


  1. ooh that's interesting!! i see to put glitter varnish all over my nails these days hehe :)


  2. this is an awesome manicure! I love it!! I wish i had the skills to do this on my own!!!! great post!

  3. That is amazing! I wish I could do nail design well!

  4. great nails !!;)

  5. i want my nails like that i really need to come where you your so fly i just cant say it enough!!!

    kisses e7

  6. omg! i've never seen anything like that before. I love it!!

  7. =O wow!! that is soo cool!!!!!..I have one of the nail pens in white but i lost it!!..I'm soo sad because I was doing a flowering print but missing the white in the middle now just looks like 5 blue dots lol

  8. love the nailss! soo many pretty colours! looks great :)

  9. thanks girls, I'll pass on your compliments to Kenya! I wish I thought of this hahaha :D

  10. VERY pretty ...I like this nail idea.


  11. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  12. i love this! so abstract and artistic and the colours u used are amazing!

  13. Lovely! Wish I wasn't so lazy with my nails... lol

  14. like the nails!!!


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