Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Natural Woman

Salut mes amis!

Today's post is inspired by and dedicated to one of my bestest besties, Christen Satchelle, check her out if you haven't met her already. Chrissy is an accomplished singer, songwriter and Broadway producer, who is now participating in the Avon Voices singing competition. In the link above, Chrissy is putting her spin on the Aretha Franklin classic (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman and she needs votes to win the darn thang. If you can spare 3 minutes, please register to vote for my bestie, she really is the BEST singer that this competition has to offer and deserves to win because she is incredibly talented. Listening to Chrissy sing gives me goosebumps every time and I can't wait for the world to feel what I feel--she is AMAZING!

Here's my natural woman and YES, she has insanely white teeth! :D

Read more to see my take on the "Natural Woman" look

See the NATURE in the background? :D

Natural Hair? ✔
Natural Maquillage? ✔
Natural Maryam? always ✔

For a special treat, here's Chrissy singing I Am Changing. Please, please, please vote for her in the Avon Voices competition, like her on Facebook, and check her out as my Starry Eyed makeup model :)


Maryam Maquillage


  1. Gorgeous makeup!

    Love it!


  2. Maryam you are too pretty! I'm loving your natural face! <3

  3. Wow! What a beautiful voice and the singer! all my votes to her.

  4. I tried to vote, but in the registration form there isn't my country =( anyway nice make up!

  5. oh noooooooo, sorry about that Ylenia... thanks so much though :)

  6. i love your cheekbones. i will definitely check Christen out.
    i am following you. I have a blog too. I would love your support.

    take care,

  7. yes you cheek bones r the greatest reminds me of my nan's!!

    love the all Natural look babe



  8. Good luck to her! Also love your makeup :)

  9. gorgeous make up! makes your skin glows! I love her singing!!!! really soulful!

  10. you look gorgeous!!


  11. Soo stunning - what a beauty :) Such a lovely blog you have - just found it and I adore what you do. Following you now, please come and see me sometimes, hopefully you'll like what I do and follow me too :O) Axxx

  12. you look greaaat!!good job!xxx

  13. OMG SHE'S FREAKING S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! I wish I had her coloring! *jealous*

  14. Natural hair?! Like no iron of any sort? Wowwww I'm jealous.

  15. thanks everyone!!! It means sooo much to Chrissy and me :)))
    @Vero: yeah, she is incredibly talented... hearing her in person is a GIFT!
    @Red lips: I wish I had her coloring too!!!
    @TA: no iron!! if you click on the pix and zoom in you'll see all the nasty frizz in the back... lol

  16. You are beautiful!
    HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
    Glamour Marmalade


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